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Acrylic Literature Racks For Your Business

Clear plastic business card holder are a great visual merchandising aid for many business such as retail stores, hotels, banks, cafes, museums, cafes, restaurants and offices. They are also regularly used in restaurants and cafes as menu holders

It is easy to simply slide out the paper with the message and replace and update it in seconds – so messaging can be regularly updated. With low cost digital printing it is easier than ever to keep messaging fresh and up to date.

Sign holders generally come on 2 main sizes – A4 and A3 (which is half of A4 size). They are also available in the larger A3 size and smaller A6 and DL sizes. Not surprisingly, A4 is the most common – as this is the size of a standard sheet of paper. Our two most popular sign holders are the Single Sided A4 and Double Sided A4 sign holders. The 2 main styles are double sided (also called T-shaped) and single sided (also called L-shaped). Double sided versions generally sit vertically, whereas single sided sign holders normally tilt back at a slight angle.

Sign holders are generally constructed from a clear plastic-type material. The three most common types are acrylic, polycarbonate and polystyrene. Polycarbonate and acrylic are more durable than polystyrene – but are also considerably more expensive. Generally polystyrene is good enough quality for most applications. We tend to use polystyrene – as it can be injection molded easily into a single piece design.

They are very easy to source for your business. A number of different styles are available in retail shops and stationary suppliers, however the largest range is available online – and these are usually considerably cheaper. A number of companies specialise in selling sign holders, brochure holders and other display stands to businesses nationally. We recommend that you determine how many you will need in the longer term and buy all together – as bulk discounts usually apply especially from the online suppliers.

Most sign holders are constructed from a single sheet of material that is folded, and the sign is slid in through the side or bottom. Though easy to insert, the sign can slide out the side or bottom and/or look a little untidy. Show Off Displays developed a new, innovative design where the sign slides in through the top of the sign holder. It has sides and a bottom that hold it in place, so it sits firmly in place, looking neater – and unable to slip out in store signage, brochures and catalogues are widely considered to be old-school advertising methods. So much focus and investment from marketers and advertisers today is on digital advertising and marketing techniques. Whilst these are indeed often effective, we don’t recommend that they should be done to the exclusion of the traditional methods.

The improvement of digital technology is a very good reason to refocus on printed materials for your business premises. Businesses simply don’t have to print thousands of pieces at a time with offset printing.

Keeping instore campaigns fresh and new has never been easier – or cheaper. Digital printing and indeed high quality cheap colour laser printers allows businesses to keep messaging relevant and current – at very low prices with very low (and even personalised) quantities

Whilst customers are using online advertising more and more, there is often nothing easier than having a brochure holder for customers to pick up a brochure on the product or service that interests them. Many customers still prefer a brochure. It is often still easier to compare products and to share information with other people about an intended purchase.

Many of our customers use our sign holders for pricing for products and ranges. Simply update an A4, A5 or A6 sheet with new or revised information on your PC, print it out and place it in a clear plastic sign holder. We carry a range of single and double sided sign holders in A4 as well as the smaller A5 and A6 sizes. They can be in either portrait or landscape format. This can be done without external assistance – and can look very professional behind acrylic literature racks.

Brochures can easily be updated with new information, products, services and tailored to customer needs and queries. Whether printed internally or externally by a digital printer, these can be printed cheaply and in small quantities and added to a low cost clear plastic brochure holder display – either wall mounted or counter standing. Show Off Displays carries a large range of brochure holders in A4, A5 an A6 sizes. They come with between one and twelve pockets. Most brochure holders are in portrait format – but we also carry a range of landscape format brochure holders.

Even business card holders can be printed in smaller quantities and updated regularly. We carry a range of one picket, two pocket, three pocket and larger 6 pocket brochure holders. You can also get new clip-on business card holders that attach to the front of a brochure holder.

Show Off Displays carries a large number of brochure holders, sign holders and business card holders in stock. You can buy online and we have bulk discounts and an express delivery service so that you can enjoy the benefits within days. Don’t forget that traditional advertising can work better than ever in this digital age. Good luck and happy marketing!

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Things To Know About Text Marketing Services

Marketing is an important part of your business, and an SMS marketing campaign can become your best friend when it comes to selling more products or services. Having the right SMS marketing strategy will allow you to get a huge ROI. We will let you know more about what text marketing services can do for you.

What is Text Marketing?

Text marketing is just a technique that you can use to spread any promotional message by using the famous permission-based text messaging. Users might need to text a shortcode so they can get new products updates and other promotions. These are 5-digit codes that someone will store in any SMS marketing software so they can send you text messages whenever they want to. You will receive a confirmation response along with an opt-out code in case you need to unsubscribe to the service in the future.

The goal of this type of marketing is the creation of a database of useful subscribers to make them loyal over time. You can even use text marketing to notify your subscribers of an event happening near their homes or offices, and you will not have to use any kind of push-notification app out there. Polling your customer`s opinion is easy when you use text marketing these days too. There is also the possibility of segmenting and managing your subscribers quickly and easily. So you will be sending messages to people who are truly likely to convert to a particular product or service.

Making it Work

To make text messaging work for you, you have to let someone else do the job. If you are a small business owner, you need to get the job done in such a way that you don’t get burned in the action. Your SMS marketing campaign might fail to work because you did not have much time to do the job properly, so you need to do something about it as soon as possible. Remember also that someone must manage this marketing campaign, so you can have time to run the business. If you can find a reliable partner who can do the job, then you will be happy.

SMS marketing can give you the ROI that you have been seeking for a long time. So you should not think that this type of marketing campaign will be expensive, as you can see great results over time too. You need to use SMS marketing effectively, but you should not use it just to say the same thing that you have been saying in many other marketing channels out there. This is a mistake that you have to avoid at all cost. You need to capitalize on the useful immediacy of this type of marketing campaign.


Since SMS is affordable, you can get a decent ROI in no time. There are many bulk texting services that you can use right away, and they do not charge an arm and a leg. So you will be sending thousands or hundreds of messages without spending a lot of dough. To make the most out of your budget, you have to build a big list of potential customers as soon as possible. So you will need to promote your SMS campaign right over any other advertising platform out there that you have been using.

You will be able to make a killing with your SMS campaign if you get a big list because the odds will turn out be in your favor over time with this kind of virtual asset. Getting free advertising with SMS is easy. For instance, you can send your list a message out telling them that you want them to share a particular link with their friends, peers, and family members. You might be amazed at how good this strategy can turn out to be. So you need to take this into consideration as soon as possible if you want to achieve your goals.

What is sms marketing? SMS marketing is here to stay for a long time because it has proven to be effective time and again. If you are tired of spending a lot of dough on TV ads, SMS marketing could be the solution to this problem right away. So what are you just waiting for? Harness the power of SMS marketing now and start out earning more money.

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