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Published on April 17th, 2013 | by Elizabeth Quaglieri


HintMe: a Shared Mobile Museum Platform on Twitter

FIRST: I want to direct you to this website where you can read an interview about HintMe with Merete Sanderhoff, a researcher at the National Gallery of Denmark, and a case study about the Danish museums using Twitter.

But for the fast facts…

Who: The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst) and 11 additional Danish art museums.

What: HintMe is a shared mobile platform with the aim of opening up museums’ collections by making content re-useable and freely sharable. At the same time, the platform has the potential to increase user engagement with the museum, its artwork, and between visitors themselves. Here is why it is brilliant: HintMe makes use of an existing platform, Twitter, and a style of communication that has become increasingly familiar and popular, the hashtag. #sohotrightnow

Users can access HintMe on their mobile device to comment on a work of art in the gallery or read what others have said. Users can participate and engage with the shared content, giving each work of art a “human” voice. Not only is this content valuable for the museum, but it also offers a creative way for visitors to participate with the collection. The project provides proper “scaffolding” so users feel confident enough to participate- they understand and are familiar with the platform, the purpose of the mobile tool, the rules, and their options. Because of the platform, HintMe is inclusive, not exclusive, allowing all types of participants to engage- from those who want to contribute to the conversation and #hashtaglikecrazy to those who prefer to read the content others have generated.

When: Now. It is currently a pilot project. Though Beta tests and suggestions from users, the museum continues to discover opportunities to enhance the existing platform. They are open to feedback on how to improve the user experience.

How: HintMe uses the “open” collection model. Works of art have open licenses and can be shared freely and re-used. In order to encourage dialogue between museum visitors regarding pieces in the gallery, HintMe uses Twitter’s API. While in front of a painting, a viewer can access, read and respond to the comments of visitors past and present.

Thoughts on the case? On opening up collections and making content re-usable? #GetAtUs #TechInTheArts

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rikke Baggesen

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  • gpouliot

    I think this is a very interesting approach. I applaud their bravery and ability to get so many different institutions to participate. I’d be interested to see the data as the project progresses.

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