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Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Rachael Wilkinson


Solve for X

Try not to have horrible flashbacks of high school algebra! In this case, Solve for  is a new Google initiative, defined as “a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moon-shot thinking and teamwork”, and is defined by as the intersections of “huge problem”, “radical solution”, and “breakthrough technology”.

While the website is fairly vague, Solve for sounds like a hub for crowdsourced solutions with a focus on innovative thinking and technologies. The website already has some brilliant talks online – as a visual person, I found Mary Lou Jepsen’s discussion on “Imaging the Mind’s Eye” fascinating.

Solve for  has a Google+ page to encourage and facilitate discussion; anyone with a relevant talk is invited to share it on the page as long as it meets the criteria (huge problem, radical solution, and breakthrough technology). Solve for  even hosted a conference in the beginning of February to bring together innovators to discuss major problems and solutions of the modern world. There’s a YouTube channel with more videos from the site and their conference, with presumably more on the way.

Crowdsource thinking like Solve for and the TED talks certainly provide an interesting set of viewpoints on a wide range of topics. You can bet we’ll be watching to see how Solve for has an affect on culture and the world of art.

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