10 Most Essential Gadgets for Men

10 Most Essential Gadgets for Men

In this tech-savvy world, there is a gadget for everything and everyone. These innovative bits of technology are here to make our lives easier- and more interesting. We asked around and got the top recommendations for the best gadgets that every man wants and needs in his life;

  1. Fitness Band

Through all my years of experience in the tech world, here’s the one gadget that I recommend everyone should own in some form. I’m talking about a fitness band. They are simple, affordable, yet elegant pieces of tech that usually pack a lot of useful features for the price. They keep track of activity such as daily steps taken, calories eaten, and even hours slept, and display all the data to you in an easy-to-digest form. 

Quantifying your daily lifestyle habits is a great way to figure out ways to improve, which is the primary reason a fitness tracker is so essential to me. All of them also allow health monitoring in some capacity, whether it be heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level detection or even a full ECG in some cases.

But they’re often very useful in other ways too. Obviously, all fitness bands double as stylish-looking watches, and all of them are also able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth and provide useful features like displaying your notifications and reminders, letting you control media playback, answering calls, and even navigating with GPS.

With the value for money associated with these things, I see no good reason for you not to own one. 

Patrick Sinclair, Founder and Tech Blogger Allhomerobotics.com

  1. Smartphone

The current smartphone is competing with laptops for the title of most indispensable tech for men. When it first came out, this complex device was a game-changer, and it still is today. Is it on par with a laptop in terms of functionality? Obviously not (not yet, at least). 

Communication, email, entertainment, research, gaming, banking, budgeting, fitness, photography, and videography, for example, are all made as simple as possible. When you add apps to the mix, it’s simple to see why cellphones are so much more than just great electrical toys for men. 

There are no two smartphones that are alike. As a result, before purchasing a smartphone, you should know exactly what you intend to do with it. If you’re into photography or videography, for example, you’ll want to make sure your smartphone camera is top-notch, and that the phone itself has plenty of storage or has seamless cloud access. 

You should also check if your smartphone is compatible with third-party accessories, platforms, and add-ons. Then there’s the matter of water and dust resistance because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a necessary device only to have it break down. 

Don’t forget to safeguard your new iPhone with a dependable case. To put it another way, the smartphone is still a must-have item for males, to the point where you’ll be left behind if you don’t have one.

Darsh Ray, CEO & Founder Job Alert

  1. Portable Battery Charger

Until you’re hours away from home and in desperate need of a boost, a portable battery charger might not seem like a must-have item for men. Suddenly, this helpful device becomes as important as, if not more important than, all of your other prized technology. After all, what good is a great iPhone if it lets you down when you really need it? 

That’s not to mention the gamers who would go insane if their devices crashed just as they were about to battle an end boss or cross the finish line in a Grand Prix. To avoid any worst-case scenarios, you should invest in a wireless charger. Plus, you never know when an attractive lady in the neighborhood may require assistance, making you her hero. 

Alec Pow, CEO at The Pricer 

  1. Streaming Device

Streaming devices will continue to gain market share at unprecedented rates as long as cable providers continue to cram undesired channels, confusing contracts, and costly packages down our throats. In fact, cable television may soon be considered as obsolete as the antennae or the twist knob. 

After all, with a low-cost streaming gadget and an Internet connection, you can watch an infinite supply of movies, TV series, YouTube videos, and other content. Meanwhile, you have complete control over what you receive and how much you pay. Check out our “Watch This Next” series or our Movie & TV Category if you’re seeking something to watch. 

Is a streaming device a must-have for males as a result of all of this? Sure, it does. There has never been a time when modern entertainment has been as simplified as it is now.

Daniel F. Carter, SEO Expert at LoveStruck

  1. Backup Hard Drive

In today’s world, your personal and digital lives are essentially the same. To put it another way, you should back up your data on a third-party hard drive. It will not only add an extra degree of protection but will also allow you to move files from one device to another with ease. This is one tech need for males that, like a portable battery charger, may not seem important until you need it, at which point it becomes a lifesaver. 

Daniel Carter, SEO Manager at Office Furniture Online

  1. Wireless Router

Wireless routers have evolved into more than just vital gear for guys, and they can now freshen up or mix in with a manly home office or living room décor. As a result, the next time you’re shopping for a router, don’t just look at the specs; consider the aesthetics as well. For men, this is the allure of modern technology. 

Daniel Foley, SEO Specialist at CloudTech24

  1. Apple Watch

Gone are the days of colossal timepieces or wristwatches that resemble handcuffs. Today’s men desire to demonstrate their digital competence. These are the digital men: well-informed, educated, tech-savvy, athletic, erudite, courteous, and brand-savvy. 

The Apple Watch is one of those products that a man should wear not merely to make a personal style statement, but also because of its sheer utility. It is befitting of the multi-faceted man to be a personal assistant that counts the number of miles run to being a device that can handle phone calls on the fly.

There are numerous Apple Watch models from which to pick, and the decision is based on the necessity of the hour and the man’s mood. An Apple Watch Nike+, for example, falls into the sports and fitness category. It’s for people who enjoy running. GPS, distance & route tracker, pace tracker, and other capabilities are included in the watch.

Anthony Mixides, Managing Director Bond Media

  1. Harmony Companion – A remote control for everything

The standard remote control is no longer sufficient. The Logitech Harmony Companion is a game-changing tool for a game-changing guy. It’s a clever universal remote control that also comes with a base. It allows you to connect your smartphone to the system and use it as a remote control! The device is compatible with a wide range of entertainment devices. It works well with home automation software. You may use the device to control everything from the brightness of the LED lamp on the porch to the temperature of the thermostat – all while sitting on the couch watching a football game.

Daniel Foley, Founder of Daniel Foley SEO

  1. Electric Grooming Kit

There are a couple of things I’d recommend. One device I get a lot of mileage out of is Phillip’s personal groomer 12-in-1 kit. It comes with an electric razor and charging cable, 9 different blade guards for facial, body, and head hair, and then a few extra attachments for trimming nose hairs and performing other grooming essentials. It’s really the only grooming tool you should need and it’s incredibly easy to use.

  1. Smartwatch

For a higher-tech option, I think men over 40 should all consider investing in a smartwatch that can help monitor blood oxygen and pulse and remind you to get up from your desk and walk around. DVT is a big problem for men of this age and untreated heart issues cause the early death of too many Men.

Christen Costa, CEO, Gadget Review

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