6 stories on how tech has changed the office — for good

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This year, tension grew between employees and employers. While many business leaders lamented the perceived loss of culture, innovation and productivity due to remote work, most employees loved the flexibility.

From in-office mandates to embracing work from anywhere, the standard of workplace technology has evolved. 

Companies can no longer expect employees to happily return to the office full-time, especially if what awaits them is just four walls. Many companies reimagined the value of the office by adding different workspaces and technology to facilitate collaboration between onsite and remote colleagues. 

Despite an appetite for workplace technology, many businesses struggled to adopt these technologies. As businesses emerged from pandemic-era reactive buying, companies began to chart a proactive path forward with the hindsight of what has worked and what has not.

Here are 6 stories that illustrate how tech has changed the office — for good:

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