7 IT storylines to watch in 2023

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The year is new and fresh, but the ongoing storylines we’re tracking began playing out in 2022 — and some, long before then. 

Take, for example, the multibillion-dollar saga of the Pentagon’s cloud contract, which evolved from a single cloud deal to a pool of contracts awarded to several key players. Up next, cloud industry watchers will track how implementation will play out, and whether or not any preferred vendors emerge from the field.

Another key is the battle over software dominance and the competition for IT budgets. Salesforce already flagged tightening customer spend last year, and responded by bringing new features to market. In the collaboration space, companies are bracing for tool consolidation as they compete for sustained adoption.

The economic backdrop will undoubtedly stay top of mind for technology executives. Should conditions worsen, CIOs will be tested on whether they built a nimble organization capable of scaling as needed and solid enough to operate steadily — come what may.

And of course, there’s the question of hybrid work. With talent still in high-demand, companies will spend 2023 ensuring they can attract talent to execute on key projects. Technology workers expect flexible work models.

Here’s what we’re watching this year:

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