9 Affordable Courses That Can Level Up Your Skills In The Digital Age

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Instagram Marketing for Business 

Social media is an important tool for any business’s digital marketing arsenal, but using social media to promote your brand can be expensive. 

There are only so many tweets or posts that you can create each day, and reaching out more leads to more expense. 

The best way to use social media to boost sales? The most effective route depends on what type of marketer you are and what your resources are. 

If you don’t have much money and/or experience managing your own social media accounts, then outsourcing to someone who invests significant time and money is the way to go. 

Social media experts work at a variety of prices, from part-time jobs to full-time employment. 

Getting quality work done at a reasonable price is where expertise comes in. For professionals with less experience, it may be hard to find good deals. 

That being said, there are several free platforms that offer help with analytics (the process of measuring results of online efforts). Twitter Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and LinkedIn Ad Writer are all great options that allow you to get started without spending a dime. 

Facebook Marketing 

Social media is an effective way to gain exposure and connect with your audience, regardless of whether you’re a business or nonprofit. By creating a social media account, you can level up your skills in the digital age. 

You can set up accounts on major platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Facebook is one of the most popular ways to interact with customers and keep them engaged. You can share news articles, pictures, and other content that keeps these connections fresh and helps you build trust. 

To level up your skills with social media, learn how to use Facebook tools to make their services more interactive and fun. For example, try adding games to encourage people to take a look at your page and may also be able to find apps that help you collaborate with other pages and users. 

Twitter Marketing 

Have you ever had someone mention your website or business in a tweet? If you’ve got a small amount of followers, probably not. But it can be very effective to have an active account and use it regularly. 

Once you have a few likes/followers, try promoting tweets to your social media profiles (this also helps get your content in front of more people). 

You can also promote posts to other blogs that are less popular than yours. Some bloggers may accept guest posts for free so they can attract additional readers. 

Guest posting is a great way to gain traffic to your site and leads. However, don’t think that you need to write all the words in your article. 

Publish one piece of content every week. You will still be considered a prolific blogger at the end of the day, even if you publish several pieces of content in one week. 

The key is publishing quality content consistently. People want to read about your personal experiences and learn what makes you tick. 

They like knowing that there’s a real person behind the content you produce. It doesn’t hurt to share stories from your life either! 

Pinterest Marketing 

If you’re like most businesses, your goal is to attract more customers and get them to spend money on products and services you offer. 

You want people to buy what you sell. The best way to do that is by inspiring buyers to believe in themselves by being honest about the value of what you have to offer. 

That means demonstrating the benefits of what you sell through informative content such as images or videos. Then you can encourage people to purchase what you promote by offering discounts or bargains for those who do. 

You also need to be willing to provide assistance to readers if they have questions while trying to consume your information. Such as providing additional resources or articles that address related topics. 

This demonstrates to potential clients that you are trustworthy and confident in your knowledge which makes them more likely to hire you to solve their problems. 

Learn to Code 

If you’re looking for an easy way out, it is not here. Learning code can be difficult, so don’t worry about what you cannot do right now. Focus on what you want to learn and find a course that gives you stepby-step instructions with examples. 

There are many free coding courses from popular education websites such as YouTube, Udemy, and Skill feed. It is true that some of these sites have advertisements, but there are still lots of lessons without ads. 

What sets these codes apart from other learning methods is their ability to teach specific skills. They are designed specifically for people who know nothing about programming and help you write code block by block. 

These online coding courses will cost you between $20 and $100, but they include dozens of lessons covering different topics. There are even several free tutorials at each site offering various tips. 

Focus on the resources that have links to multiple lessons so you can choose how much time you want to give each topic. You can take one lesson at a time and work through them slowly.

Whatever you decide, remember that the best way to level up your skills is to practice! 

Learn to Create Websites 

If you know what a website is, then you can learn how to create one. There are many free resources for learning the basics of web design, including YouTube videos that teach you how to build a site. 

Once you understand the basic concept of creating websites, you can focus on your business or personal goals. You may want to work online and be able to maintain a social media profile or maybe you’re looking into starting an e-commerce business. 

Any serious career path will require some technical knowledge, so don’t worry about being too techy. There are lots of courses that have been designed to help people without any programming skills get started in the world of web development. 

There are also numerous free resources available (that you should never ignore). By reading articles and watching tutorials, you can develop your creative abilities and look outside yourself for inspiration. 

You can find all kinds of information easily through Google searches or by signing up for social networks. Here, you can connect with other individuals who have similar interests to yours and are just as eager to explore new things. 

Learn to Create Digital Art 

If you’re interested in becoming more proficient at creating digital art, there are several affordable courses that can help you get started. 

Many universities offer basic creative technology courses for $100-$150 per term. However, if you look closer, you’ll find that some of these classes actually cost less than $50! 

These class offerings include special topics such as “How to Become an Artist Using Social Media” and “Introduction to Graphic Design: The Complete Guide.”

You also have the option of taking online art classes from top university institutions like Stanford University for free. These courses are offered through iTunes or Google Play, and they cover techniques like graphic design, computer programming, and web development. 

There are even courses specifically designed for artists who want to improve their skills in the digital arts. Creative Revolution has a list of their most popular course called Build My Graphics Bundle, which offers lessons ranging from 3D animation to visual storytelling. 

Learn to Write Marketing Articles 

Writing is an extremely valuable skill that can take you far in today’s digital world. More and more companies are requiring their marketing writers to have knowledge of blogging and social media posting, as well as experience with traditional advertising strategies. 

Many major corporations offer wikipedia page writing service to help people learn the basics of writing articles. But if you want to advance your skills or invest in your future, there are other options as well.

Here are some lessons experts say you cannot miss when learning how to write article content for the web. 

You should also know what makes a good article topic and be able from time to time to do something else while your article goes up online. 

But the hardest part of becoming a great writer is simply having a love for it. Thousands of people could write articles online, but only a few will read about them. 

Learn to Make Business Videos

If you’re not sure if business videos are for you, they can be an incredibly powerful way to tell your story through visual media. People love watching business videos because they feel like they are getting a glimpse into the mind of the entrepreneur. 

They offer insight into the founder’s personality and their journey to success. 

Business videos can be made in several ways (digital or traditional camera, smartphone apps, and software such as final cut pro) and published online via websites, channels, and social media. Or, they can be sold directly over the internet with services such as YouTube. 

Costing between $15 and $200 per video, creating business videos is a great opportunity that can have a significant impact on your business.