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What happens when an unexpected guest arrives at your house amid the pandemic? Do you let that person in? Phil Schreiber (Veep’s Reid Scott) faces that exact situation when his college roommate, Charlie (Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s Adam Pally), shows up at his front door in the first trailer for Who Invited Charlie?

It’s March 2020, and the pandemic is underway. Phil, an egocentric hedge fund manager, heads to the Hamptons with his wife, Rosie (F9’s Jordana Brewster), and teenage son, Max (newcomer Peter Dager), to escape the chaos of New York City and wait out the pandemic. One night, the Schreiber’s retreat receives an unexpected guest when the free-spirited Charlie asks to stay at their house. Rosie questions if Charlie “has something on her husband,” which he denies, but Phil still begrudgingly lets his old friend inside.

Rosie’s instincts are correct because Charlie knows Phil’s secrets, which may explain why he allowed his roommate inside the house. Despite being a “100% certified idiot,” Rosie grows to like Charlie, as does the quiet and anxious Max. However, Phil’s secrets “threaten to do more harm than the virus they’re all hiding out from.”

Who Invited Charlie? is directed by Xavier Manrique (Chronically Metropolitan) from a script written by Nicholas Schutt (Outer Banks). The rest of the ensemble includes Xosha Roquemore (The Mindy Project), Dylan Penn (Flag Day), Rhys Coiro (Entourage), and Peter Grosz (The Menu). Manrique, Schutt, Scott, and Jason Dubin (The Babysitters) will produce.

Poster of three people hugging for Who invited Charlie?

Who Invited Charlie? is in theaters and on demand February 3.

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