Best Legal Technology Trends You Must Know In 2021

Best Legal Technology Trends You Must Know In 2022

Over the past years, legal technology has involved a lot. However, the growth has increased rapidly in the last 12 months. While some largest law firms were forced to become innovative and use technology, others have taken COVID measures and switched to technology from the very start. 

The justice system was forced to move on the virtual platform overnight due to COVID. All the paper documents, office equipment, became out of reach as the firms got closed suddenly. While it affected a lot of different factors, there were some benefits as well. The technology shift in this industry became faster and much more adaptive. 

Legal Technology Trends In 2022

Now, there are many new technology trends available in the market that you need to know. The largest law firms in the US have implemented these technologies in their work, which made all the smaller firms follow them as well, and some of them became the best technology trends of 2022. Here are some of the top ones that you need to know in detail. 

Document Digitization 

As the lockdown started for COVID, all the firms got shut down very fast. It was impossible to get their hand on the pile of documents stored in the office. So, all the firms were forced to go remote and use digital paperwork. 

Some of the firms were able to take precautions and convert their documents into digital format with a vast amount of money and time. From the largest law firms to the smallest ones organized themselves very well to shit things digitally. Even the letter of agreement transformed into a digital format very fast due to the pandemic. 


As most law firms switched to the virtual platform, cybersecurity became an essential part of keeping the files protected. In addition, some essential things such as the personal loan agreement, letter of agreement, and others need protection. So, cybersecurity is one of the things that stays on the top of the mind of all law firms. 

There are plenty of cyber attackers just waiting to find a single security gap to get their hands on important things. So, while the on-premise servers might not be safe from hackers and attackers, the cloud is a good option for these firms to keep their files safe and protected. 


All the law firms and lawyers are now taking the system of document management in stock. While the international and national firms in different jurisdictions are using different products, they are also going through the uniformity among the platforms. Most of the largest law firms are now looking for tools related to jurisdiction to operate their works in other languages. In addition, they are focused on making the automation process better to improve the customer experience. 

Data Privacy 

Data privacy is one of the foremost concerns of law firms, along with other privacy considerations. Loss of personal information and some important information might not provide a good impression on the digital platform. Therefore, data privacy is one of the most critical factors for most law firms as well as clients. Data related to personal information of the client, bilateral contract, letter of agreement, and others are confidential and need to be protected.   

Client Experience 

It does not matter how things used to be in the past; now, it has changed due to COVID. The competition of law firms has been reshaped overnight and transferred into the virtual platform. So, you have to go through every possible factor to ensure the best client experience. 

Instead of meeting clients through lunches, dinners, cocktail parties, even the largest law firms need to understand the client needs through online platforms. So, it is necessary to dig deeper and find all the details about them, which can become challenging for some law firms. 

Digital Marketing 

You do not want to stay behind in your digital presence on the virtual platforms. While it was still an option in the past, it became a mandate to have a high presence in the digital market to stay in the race. The competition has changed a lot as well as the format. You can’t simply create a website and wait for the customers to find it online. 

Make sure that they are visiting your website with the help of digital marketing. All the largest law firms and smallest ones have to adapt fast to this new reality to stay ahead in the race and digitalization. 


The whole picture has changed a lot in the law industry after COVID. Now, all the law businesses are operating online and getting used to the new reality. The best way to adapt to all the changes is by understanding all the legal trends of 2022. Here are some of the most important and common ones that can help you blend into this new reality. 


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