Essential Gadgets To Have In An Emergency

Essential Gadgets To Have In An Emergency

Everyone and every home should be equipped with some essential emergency supplies, tools, and gadgets that could come in handy in unpredictable disaster times. While most don’t expect themselves to be safe from such disasters and emergency situations, there is also the chance and probability for something unexpected to strike. 

It could be something as simple as a power failure or communication network failure, or as critical as a car accident. Here are some recommendations for the best gadgets to have on hand in times of different emergency scenarios.

Walkie Talkies Or A Landline

In the event that mobile towers in your area go down during a crisis, having a landline or walkie-talkies with headsets as a backup is critical. These are less susceptible to power shortages and will enable you to communicate in an emergency. Rechargeable batteries, drop-in rechargers, multi-unit rechargers for charging up to six units at once, and an audio accessory port for headsets or speaker microphones are among the accessories available for walkie-talkies. This is one of the most essential gadgets to have in an emergency.

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Wristband Powerbank Battery Charger

Because of its size and the amount of space it takes up in our wallets or purses, carrying an external battery is not always convenient. The Maze Exclusive Wristband Power Bank Battery Charger, on the other hand, alleviates this issue. You may now charge your phone even on the road. Wristband power bank exclusive to The Maze Battery Charger is a stylish and wearable bracelet that goes with every outfit. This one-of-a-kind bracelet wraps around the user’s wrist and has a small USB (or Apple Lightning) plug on one end that slots into the bracelet.

This 3000mAh battery is compatible with a wide range of phone models, including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, and many others. It’s also water-resistant, with an IPX4 water-resistance rating. The bracelet may be easily adjusted to wrap around the wrist. Furthermore, the band is equipped with four LED indicators that alert the user when their phone is fully charged. The LED also signals when the bracelet needs to be recharged. It can be found on Amazon and at Maze Exclusive. 

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Resqme Car Escape Tool

Vehicle entrapment is estimated to cause roughly 500 deaths in the United States each year. The Resqme is one of the most convenient car safety features. Resqme is a car escape gear on a keychain that keeps the user safe on the road. This innovative and trademarked gadget shatters side windows and cuts stuck safety belts after a collision. It is the most economical and reliable car escape gear because of its compact, lightweight, and powerful qualities. 

When the Resqme tool is attached to the keychain with a detachable clip, the user can remove the tool away from the clip in an emergency. If the seatbelt is stuck, just cut it with the blade by hooking it over and slicing it across. To shatter the glass, press the tool’s blackhead on the window’s corner to release the spring-loaded spike and fracture the glass. 

Only clear and tinted tempered glass, such as rear and side windows, are resistant to the Resqme tool. The Resqme tool, on the other hand, does not operate on laminated glass car windshields. There’s no need to be concerned about the gadget being accidentally activated. The Resqme tool will not open by accident if you keep it in your backpack, pocket, or keychain. A purposeful 12 pounds of force is required to release the spring-loaded spike. If you don’t want to carry Resqme as a keychain, you can attach it to the rearview mirror, sun visor, or even the headrest.

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Credit Card Lightbulb

Credit card light bulbs are small lights that can be carried in your wallet. The bulb lights up when you push the unusual card vertically, even though it seems like a flat incandescent lamp. The rest of the card also functions as a stand. This one-of-a-kind design only weighs 0.8 ounces and is powered by a single CR1216 battery. It comes in handy both daily and while traveling. The LED light produced by this incandescent bulb is 1 watt. It’s available on Amazon, eBay, and ThinkGeek.

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Hand-crank USB Chargers

Hand-crank USB chargers are one of the most useful gadgets to have during a disaster. They are much more reliable than solar chargers because they will work even if you can’t go outside or the sun isn’t shining. Just make sure you get a charger that actually has a regulator and a decent-sized handle. Those cheap, tiny crank chargers simply aren’t capable of producing enough power.

Wacaco Espresso Maker

I absolutely love my Wacaco espresso maker. It is hand-powered so requires absolutely no electricity. While this definitely isn’t a must-have gadget for emergency prep, it certainly does wonders for morale when you can make a fantastic cup of espresso even during a power outage.

The Goal Zero Lighthouse

The Goal Zero Lighthouse lantern is by far one of the coolest emergency gadgets as well as one of the most useful. It has a built-in solar panel as well as a hand crank, so you’ll be able to keep it lit even without power. There is also a built-in battery with a USB outlet, so you can use the lantern to charge other devices like your phone or rechargeable batteries.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

One of the most useful but overlooked gadgets to have for emergencies is a carbon monoxide detector. Chances are that you’ll have to fire up a generator when the power goes out, switch to a gas stove or light a fire for heating. These things all produce CO gas, which is often responsible for killing more people in the aftermath of a disaster than the disaster itself. Installing a battery-powered CO detector ensures that you don’t become a sad statistic.

Emergency Radio

Don’t forget how important it is to have an emergency radio in with your disaster supplies. Unlike normal radios, emergency radios get NOAA stations where you can get instructions and updates about the disaster. Modern emergency radios also have cool features like custom alerts, built-in chargers, and waterproof construction. This radio may be your sole source of contact with the outside world, so don’t overlook it.

Diane Vukovic, a disaster preparedness expert who writes for Primal Survivor

A Solar Generator

Running out of power during an emergency situation can be an absolute nightmare. Where other portable devices and battery backups will last you a while, none of them are quite as reliable as a solar-backed power source. These generators run off a virtually endless power source and can power everything from your smartphones and laptops to even refrigerators and medical devices. 

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