Free Online Virtual Reality Games

Free Online Virtual Reality Games

Thanks to reasonably priced VR devices like the Oculus Quest 2, virtual reality gaming is gradually becoming more popular. Nowadays, players have fewer limitations thanks to cross-platform compatibility. As a result, you may be able to play some VR games with your iOS and Android friends while wearing VR equipment.

Therefore, it is the ideal time to enter the virtual world. We’ve compiled a selection of the top free VR games in this article so you may enjoy them and get some VR experience without spending any money. These are the top free VR games available right now.

1. Propagation VR

Check out Propagation VR if you enjoy survival shooters and horror games. Virtual reality and survival horror make for a stressful and dreadful experience but in a good manner. In the horror game Propagation, you are thrust into a post-apocalyptic subway where you must battle countless terrifying beasts. 

To defend yourself against zombies, mutant spiders, and other horrors, all you have are a shotgun and a pistol. The gaming sessions continue for about 30 minutes, and because they are so intense and deep, you will feel every second of them. You may buy a DLC that unlocks voice chat and co-op play in addition to the base game.


  • Four levels of difficulty on one map.
  • The amount of room you have in the real world limits your ability to move.
  • realistic handling of the weapons
  • co-op assistance available for a cost.

The Red Stare 2

Investigate your neighbors, gather data, and track down communist spies. You can play the part of a covert agent in the free virtual reality game The Red Stare. The action takes place in your virtual flat, where you may monitor your neighbors’ every move and receive information from your handler through phone and fax.

This low-action game puts your capacity for deduction to the test. Gather sufficient proof to identify the communist spy by keeping a close eye on your targets, paying attention to what they are doing and what they have in their apartments.


  • a selection of minigames with various game systems.
  • The most effective VR gaming primer.
  • includes tourist attractions for non-gamers.

4. Echo VR

One of the earliest popular sports video games on the Oculus platform was Echo VR, and it is still among the finest. The objective of the game is to maneuver with your squad against an opposing team in a zero-gravity environment in order to score a goal. It’s similar to football, except it makes your heart beat faster.

Echo VR, while only available on the Oculus platform, provides an exhilarating zero-g arena in a stunning sci-fi atmosphere. Although the movement mechanism is simple to understand and very fun, it can be difficult to master. Overall, Echo VR is fantastic for both novices and experienced virtual reality users.


  • Zero-g immersion in a futuristic environment.
  • You’ll be sweating from this competitive game.
  • Play by yourself or in groups with your friends.
  • Participate in online competitions to compete against others and earn prizes.

5. Rec Room

Meet new people from all over the world and hang out with them in their worlds, play games together, create games with your pals, or do all of the above.

Rec Room is a game that’s concealed inside a social networking site. It resembles a social, open-world MMO where you can play, talk, and make friends. You can engage in a variety of minigames, including paintball, laser tag, and bowling. Rec Room has the beauty of allowing you to construct practically anything you can think of.

You can play the cross-platform game Rec Room on PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, and other systems. You don’t have to use virtual reality (VR) exclusively.


  • Online multiplayer game with real-time communication.
  • individualizable avatar
  • Play as many community games as you like and make your own.
  • Cross-platform compatibility means that using a VR headset is not required.

6. VRChat.

A similar virtual social hub to Rec Room is called VRChat. Make your own personalized avatar, engage in random chat, engage in minigames, and build your own tiny world. Make new acquaintances while exploring thousands of community-driven worlds.

However, VRChat gives far greater attention to the game’s social component. Thanks to eye tracking, lip-syncing, and a wide variety of emotes, you can communicate with your avatar almost as effectively as you can in real life. The mouth and face of your avatar will match your facial expressions, making online communication much more lifelike.


  • An avatar that can be customized and has lip-synching.
  • A large selection of minigames.
  • Explore numerous others or create your own.

7. Spiderman: Far From Home

You’ve probably daydreamed about swinging from one building to another like Spiderman at some point in your life. The opportunity to do that in virtual reality is now available. Far From Home Spider-Man, A good time can be had to throw webs in virtual reality. 

The goal of the game is to scale the towering buildings in Manhattan while reveling in the sense of freedom it brings. Some foes can also be defeated by racing them or by firing webs at them. Although the game is quite simple, it is the only one that allows you to enjoy the excitement of web-slinging from rooftop to rooftop.


  • Turn into Spider-Man.
  • Swinging physics that are realistic.
  • You are able to sling while fighting.

8. Magnificent Coasters

This VR experience may provide the adrenaline rush you’re looking for. A virtual roller coaster trip is called Epic Roller Coasters. Since it is essentially a simulation, there isn’t much gaming involved. 

Simply said, it creates the impression that you are riding a roller coaster through stunning virtual surroundings while maybe experiencing motion sickness. In spite of this, Epic Roller Coasters also has a shooter mode if you choose to engage with the environment more. Take a ride with guns and practice your shooting along the road.


  • simulation based on physics.
  • Beautiful environments and visuals.
  • shooting mode that is optional

9. Gorilla Tag

Play a game of tag with your buddies while dressing up like a monkey. Even though Gorilla Tag is currently in Early Access, playing with friends can be a fun experience. You simply need to move your arms to run, jump and climb, so it will take some time to become used to the controls. Although the game is rather simple, it can be difficult to master.

Gorilla Tag is one of the most played VR games online, so even if your pals aren’t present, you can always find a server that is open to playing on. Keep in mind that the game is still being worked on, so future updates may include additional features.


  • As a gorilla, parkour across the forest.
  • You can only move with your hands and arms; no buttons or sticks are required.
  • Talk to everyone on the server and create new game rules and strategies.

10. The Medic in Surgeon Simulator VR

Even though Surgeon Simulator VR is only a demo for the HTC Vive, it’s one of the finest ways to get started with virtual reality (it also supports Valve Index). You play as the medic from Team Fortress 2 in this straightforward and enjoyable game, so you’re sure to enjoy it and chuckle a little bit.

There are no tutorials or explanations provided before the game begins. You must resolve issues on your own. You are able to practice basic VR actions like picking up objects, hitting buttons, and other gestures because of the user-friendly UI and game mechanics.


  • An entertaining introduction to virtual reality controllers.
  • Many different “medical” toys to choose from.
  • without official support, it works with other VR headsets like the Oculus Rift S.

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