Geologie Co-Wash Review: Should You Try It? We Found Out

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Geologie Co-Wash overview: Skincare for your scalp 

Geologie is a company that’s been making waves in the Men’s Care (skin, hair, body, and more) community, offering products that are less harmful and more personalized than traditional ones. The ingredients are based on years of research and innovative, dermatologist-designed formulas to produce incredible results. If you’re looking for products and routines that can take your self-care to the next level, you’re in the right place.


Geologie’s product lineup includes: 


Their newest product line, Hair Co-Wash, or “the silent shampoo killer,” is a haircare game-changer unlike any traditional shampoo you’ve ever used. It cleanses hair, leaves natural moisture, and nourishes your scalp with good-for-you, dermatologist-approved ingredients. 



What’s wrong with traditional shampoo? 

As we get older, the makeup of our hair can change, along with the texture and thickness. You may have noticed these changes, but that could also be from years of using the wrong products. Here are some of the shortcomings of traditional shampoos:


    • Sulfates: Many traditional shampoos contain harsh sulfates and chemicals that strip hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. This can lead to a vicious cycle of chemical build-up and our scalp overproducing oil, resulting in greasy hair and dandruff.
    • Scalp irritation: Not only do sulfate shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils, but they also have the potential to irritate sensitive skin. Many people find that switching from traditional shampoo to a more natural alternative helps ease itchiness, irritation, redness, or other symptoms associated with sensitive skin or eczema.
    • Parabens & preservatives: Most commercial shampoos also contain parabens as preservatives, which are known to be harmful to the human body and can sometimes trigger allergic reactions. 
    • Not suitable for colored hair: Many of the chemicals in shampoos don’t pair well with hair treatments and coloring, so if you’re using the wrong products daily, you’re doing yourself a disservice and wasting money. 
    • Hair frizz: The fact that you need to use shampoo multiple times a week can make all of these problems add up and leave you with frizzy hair that doesn’t look very healthy or attractive.




Why is co-washing better?

Co-washing, or co-wash, is when you use conditioner to cleanse your hair, with no lather or shampoo necessary. This can result in natural oil production, repaired hair, and extended time between washes. 


While that might sound like the opposite of what you need to wash your hair (hence, “Anti-Shampoo”), co-washing has many benefits over traditional shampooing. Unlike shampooing, which strips natural oils from the scalp and hair, co-washing leaves you with nourished hair that does not get dried out or greasy as quickly.


Geologie’s Co-Wash is one of the best on the market and provides several benefits compared to classic shampoo and conditioner combos.


Benefits of Co-Washing


Oftentimes, we forget that the scalp should receive the same love and care as your face skin. Co-Wash is formulated to nourish not only your hair but the skin underneath it, too. The formula avoids stripping the skin of essential oils and keeps the hair hydrated and moisturized, so it’s a great option for those with curly hair or those who shampoo their hair more often.

No harsh chemicals or sulfates

Co-Wash is free of sulfates, detergents, parabens, phthalates, PFO/PFAs, and SLS/SLEs, which makes it gentler on the hair. This is especially beneficial for those with fine hair, as it’s susceptible to damage and dryness.


Color-safe and effective on all skin and hair types

Some of the harsh chemicals and strong detergents that we’ve mentioned can lead to fading of color and breakage over time. Co-Wash cleanses the hair with a mild conditioner that leaves it looking healthy, hydrated, and vibrant, so it’s even better for those who color.

Extends time between washes

If you have oily hair, you might be inclined to shampoo every day (or more!) to keep your hair clean. Co-Wash allows you to extend the time between washes, saving you money in the long run and preventing excessive scalp drying.



Geologie’s Hair Co-Wash Review: Smoothing vs Cooling

The co-washing technique also involves using friction + a scrubbing motion (instead of lathering) to remove dirt and grime, getting your hair clean and healthy without damaging it in the process. 


But which co-wash should you choose? Well, that’s a matter of personal preference – we tried out both Geologie’s Smoothing and Cooling Co-Wash and can confidently recommend both after multiple uses.

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