How to Get Prescribed Adderall Online

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How to get ADHD meds online — The easiest way to get prescribed Adderall


  1. Pick an online platform: See above chart for best comparison of all online prescription options – Done is our favorite for ADHD, but there’s also Klarity, Cerebral, and ADHD Online.
  2. Make an account: Some platforms require an online assessment, while some let you schedule your online consultation appointment right away. 
  3. Book and attend virtual appointment: Schedule your consultation, where you’ll meet with your provider to discuss your situation and history and get any questions you might have answered. One of the best perks of telemedicine is that these are usually available in the same week rather than waiting months!
  4. Prescription and diagnosis: Should a prescription to treat ADHD be deemed necessary, your provider will either have it sent to be delivered or picked up at your local pharmacy (depending on your platform).
  5. Schedule follow-ups: ADHD medication is only granted 30 days at a time to prevent abuse. You’ll need to continue virtual appointments until you get your dosage right, and then, depending on your platform, you’ll have occasional follow-ups to make sure your treatment is on track.


Done ADHD treatment review

Done’s mission is to help ADHD patients find the best treatment plan for their needs through their convenient online platform. They will connect you to a licensed care provider trained to diagnose ADHD and prescribe medication.


If you’re eligible for the online service and live in one of the states they serve, you can start today with their one-minute assessment. From there, you’ll get connected with a medical professional and be on your way to continuing care.


How to sign up for Done First ADHD

  1. Complete a one-minute assessment: The medical questionnaire will determine your likelihood of diagnosis. 
  2. Schedule your initial appointment ($119): If deemed fit for treatment, you can schedule your appointment with a provider (30 minutes) to create a treatment plan together.
  3. Become a Done member ($79/mo): If treatment is issued, a monthly membership gives you access to continuous care from your provider, including follow-up appointments or treatment plan adjustments. 
  4. Prescription renewals: You’ll also have online refills after health updates with medication delivery or pickup, depending on where you live.

ADHD medication is only granted 30 days at a time to prevent abuse. This entails giving your provider an update on your health and treatment process either through follow-up appointments or written narratives. 


Does Done prescribe Adderall?

Yes, Done prescribes Adderall and is currently one of the few telehealth providers that makes it easy to get an online ADHD prescription. Although they’ve come under scrutiny of late as fears of overprescription have grown, Done can still connect you with doctors that prescribe Adderall online for just $199 upfront and $79 per month thereafter.


Done also can prescribe non-stimulants and other stimulant medication for ADHD.


How much does Done cost?

Done costs $199 for your initial intake appointment. Then, the service (including online prescription renewals and continuous care) is $79 per month, which you can cancel at any time.

Treatment without insurance ranges from $40-80/mo and is not included in the membership price. While they don’t accept insurance for appointments, they do offer out-of-network support.


Done ADHD customer reviews

Because of many of the issues with the nationwide overprescribing of Adderall, there have been many customer complaints about Done’s inability to prescribe ADHD meds consistently. 

Keep in mind that there are some companies like Cerebral that can no longer prescribe stimulants at all! While Done is doing its best to address customer concerns, the national shortage is something to be wary of, no matter where you get your ADHD medication prescription.


“I poked around looking at various services and eventually gave up trying to find one that had mostly positive reviews and went with Donefirst… The soonest available appointment was 8 days out. It was pleasant and professional, and she wasn’t trying to rush me. When I picked up my prescription the next afternoon, the pharmacist said I had no copay on it… All in all, it has been a very smooth experience so far, and cheaper than I expected, with the 5MG Adderall apparently being free even without insurance.”

Reddit r/ADHD

“…I’ve had nothing but a great experience with my provider and Done. For those leaving negative reviews regarding the national shortage and being unable to fill your Rx, keep in mind it’s not this company/the provider’s fault – have some common sense. With that being said, 5 stars for sure. Thank you for all that you do!”



Klarity ADHD review

Klarity is a direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that offers accessible virtual care for ADHD. With a focus on personalized care, Klarity is committed to creating treatment plans that are carefully crafted to match their patients’ individual needs.



How to get ADHD treatment from Klarity


  1. Sign up: When you sign up, you’ll complete a 2-minute questionnaire before booking a virtual appointment with one of their licensed professionals. 
  2. Book initial appointment ($149): Your one-time consultation will be a 30-minute visit with a provider for an evaluation, treatment plan, and prescription (should that be deemed appropriate).
  3. Follow-up visits ($59/ea): You’ll need to return for at least 2-3 follow-up video visits (15 minutes each) to discuss a treatment plan, medication levels, and any adjustments necessary. These will continue until you and your provider are comfortable with your plan.
  4. Refill requests ($25/ea): This requires no meeting time but is only available after your treatment plan is stabilized and established with your provider.  


We like that Klarity doesn’t require a subscription or membership fees, and the only costs will be for your visits and refill requests. 


With insurance, your medication co-pay will be the same as any other pharmacy. Without insurance, mediation can be $40-80/mo, but be sure to talk to your provider about any concerns regarding prescription costs.


Does Klarity prescribe Adderall?

Yes, Klarity is currently one of just a few legitimate providers that can prescribe stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin, as well as other ADHD meds online. 


If you have previously been on ADHD medication, you can send your previous medical records to your provider, which can be very helpful in planning your treatment.


If you’re interested in learning more, we review Klarity in depth on our site.


Klarity ADHD Adderall prescription: Personal experience

I’ve been working with Klarity for ADHD prescription medication management for over three months now. I could schedule my initial consultation within three days, and my provider has been incredible. The prescription management has been easy, she’s very understanding and has worked with me on my every request/question (including which medication is best for me based on family history, etc.).


I’d highly recommend Klarity for anyone searching for ADHD medication management online as the easiest platform to work with. I recently moved and was having a terrible time finding a local psychiatrist that could take me within the month. So, while the cost per appointment is a bit higher, it was easier (and probably a LOT cheaper) than going to an in-person doctor.


Review of Cerebral for ADHD treatment

Cerebral is a top mental health treatment platform, offering both medication and therapy for those with ADHD, as well as anxiety and depression. They offer flexible plans with medication-only options, as well as options to connect with a licensed therapist.


While medication can help combat ADHD on a chemical level, behavioral therapy can help you understand, unpack, and cement your learnings into progress. Combining the two approaches, as Cerebral does, typically leads to better mental health. Although Cerebral is no longer where you can get an Adderall prescription online, they are an affordable option for ADHD patients looking for access to a therapist.



Does Cerebral Prescribe Adderall?

Cerebral no longer prescribes Adderall after allegations of overprescription. They used to be a front-runner in care for ADHD specifically but have since refocused to help patients with anxiety and depression and remain a very popular mental health provider.  


The bottom line on Cerebral for ADHD is that they:


  • Do not prescribe Adderall: Done or Klarity are better options for those who want to get ADHD medication online.
  • Can prescribe non-stimulant medication for ADHD: Non-stimulants are a great choice for someone who is prone to addiction or the negative side effects or Adderall.
  • DO provide therapy for ADHD: If you’re looking for affordable online therapy, Cerebral is a great option that’s generally more affordable than other platforms.


Cerebral ADHD reviews: Reddit

In most cases, ADHD is best treated with stimulant medication, and while Cerebral can treat ADHD, some of the problems that they’ve recently run into have led them to no longer be able to prescribe stimulants. 


Fortunately, some have benefitted immensely from the different treatments of ADHD, including therapy and non-stimulant medication. Check out some of the praises for these alternative sources of ADHD treatment.


Therapy helps to manage symptoms

“I can tell you from personal experience [CBT] really does help. I learned a lot of skills to help manage my ADHD, and it made a really big difference.”

Reddit r/ADHD

Calm & few side effects

“I’ve been on Strattera for 3 weeks. It’s working just like Adderall for me. My mind is calm, I’m not as impulsive… I’m not having any side effects, and I’m only a little anxious after I drink my coffee.”

Reddit r/ADHD

Better for overall health

“Stimulants worked great for me… but the side effects were ruining my health… I’m on Wellbutrin now. It’s definitely not nearly as effective as stimulants… but it’s helpful for low-level maintenance. better memory, my speech is a little clearer and more organized, my anxiety is a little better.”

Reddit r/ADHD

If you’re looking for alternatives to stimulants for ADHD treatment, Cerebral provides a platform that can find the right help for you.


Review of ADHD Online

ADHD Online offers certified, high-quality ADHD assessments and treatment from the comfort of home and prides itself in providing clinically sound diagnosis and treatment plans on a platform that is accessible to everyone.



How does ADHD Online work?

Here are the steps to get started with ADHD Online:


  1. Complete online assessment ($149): Developed by psychologists, this is the most comprehensive ADHD assessment available online and will take 60 minutes to complete. 
  2. Diagnosis: Within a few days, a licensed psychologist will evaluate your assessment to confirm or exclude your diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.
  3. Prescription medication visit ($199): Should you be diagnosed, you’ll set up a virtual appointment with a physician for a treatment plan and prescription management.
  4. Follow-up visits ($99/ea): Recommended one month after the initial appointment to confirm the plan and then once every three months after that.


ADHD Online’s approach is as thorough as an in-person patient assessment, however, you are taking the self-guided assessment online. The results are typically 10-20 pages and often include written notes from the psychologist.


For anyone wary of being overprescribed pharmaceuticals who wants a truly sound diagnosis to make sure they are actually a strong candidate for meds, ADHD Online is where you should look.   


Does ADHD Online prescribe Adderall?

Yes, ADHD Online can prescribe Adderall, should you be diagnosed after your intensive ADHD assessment. 

Depending on where you’re located, however, you may not be eligible. Medical treatment is offered in all states except AK, AL, AR, HI, LA, ND, NJ, NY, OK, WV, and WY, and South Carolina only allows for the prescription of non-stimulant medications.


All in all, it’s possible to work with ADHD Online to get prescription meds after your initial assessment, but the process is slightly less seamless than with other online providers. Their online ADHD assessment, though, in our opinion, is truly unparalleled.  


The Verdict: What’s the best way to get an Adderall prescription online?

For people with ADHD symptoms who want an online Adderall prescription without all the hassle of finding and going to an in-person, traditional psychiatrist, telemedicine platforms make it easy. 


For ADHD meds without subscription:

Klarity offers an affordable way to get an ADHD diagnosis and access a high-quality doctor quickly (within 2 days), but they don’t operate in as many states as the other providers. Most customers found that they felt more heard and assured by their medical professionals than on other platforms. They also have a smooth process, and you don’t have to worry about a monthly cost – just the cost of each appointment.


For ADHD meds WITH subscription:

Done makes it easy to get Adderall, should you be prescribed, and you can have as many provider appointments as you need, as you’re paying a monthly fee (instead of per appointment). We have, however, read negative reviews about the quality of their service and their inability to get prescriptions on time. This can be detrimental if you rely on your medication for everyday life. 


For therapy for ADHD treatment:

If you’re mainly looking for therapy or ADHD treatment with non-stimulant medication, Cerebral offers this in addition to other mental health treatments. You could be surprised by your diagnosis – many people who think they have ADHD are actually suffering from depression or anxiety, and management of these symptoms through Cerebral could be the treatment you needed!


For ADHD diagnosis (not treatment):

We don’t recommend ADHD Online for those looking for online ADHD prescriptions. This platform focuses on diagnosis more than medication management and is more expensive than other platforms. We’ve also found numerous negative reviews online


That said, these platforms are not suitable for everyone, and ADHD patients with more complex needs or compounding mental health challenges probably won’t be eligible for virtual care. In these cases, long-term interactions with a psychiatrist in your local area can be more effective. But, if you need a prescription while you’re between providers or have basic needs for ADHD care, Klarity, Cerebral, Done, or ADHD Online could work for you.


Adderall prescription online FAQ’s

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