How To Know If Your Phone Has Spyware Or Is Hacked

How To Know If Your Phone Has Spyware Or Is Hacked

With our phones connected to the internet 24/7, we are always at an increased risk for hacking. If hackers manage to get access to our phones, they can access all our data. In some instances, they also gain control of our device. To protect your phone and data, you need to recognize the signs of hacking.

We talked to the experts, and they share the top signs you need to look out for that will indicate your phone has been hacked.

The Battery On The Phone Is Depleting At A Faster Rate Than Usual

If your phone’s battery drains faster than usual, spyware and fraudulent apps may be executing malicious code that consumes a significant amount of power. However, before leaping to conclusions, take a look at the number of background applications. Additionally, running an excessive number of programs in the background depletes the battery. As a result, shut them off first and then monitor them.

Take A Look At Applications That You Haven’t Downloaded

You notice apps on your smartphone that you are unfamiliar with or are positive were not downloaded by you. This could be the result of malicious software or a hacker. 

Edward Mellett, Founder/Co-Founder

Phone Heats up Faster

If your phone heats up often when doing any regular task, spyware is highly likely to get into it. Also, you need to check the network usage as spyware always needs an active network connection. You may also notice unusual data usage due to the spyware installed in your phone. If you have the above issues, which show symptoms of spyware, a hard reset will remove all the spyware if it is residing in your phone. 

Anirban Saha (B.Tech in ECE), the Founder and Editor of Anirban is a software developer and a tech enthusiast.

Strange Behavior By The Phone

Your smartphone is behaving strangely. An unexpected app crashes or fails to load. Numerous websites appear differently than they normally do. This could be another red flag. Everywhere, strange pop-ups. If you see a lot of pop-ups on your screen, this could be the result of adware, a sort of malicious software that inundates your device with advertisements. Never click on any of these links.

Gerrid Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Joy Organics 

Photographs you Never Took Appearing in Your Gallery

Take note of photographs and movies in your gallery that you have no recollection of taking. You discover photographs and films in your photo album that you did not take. Keep an eye out for this, as it indicates that someone may have taken control of your camera.

On With The Flashlights

Another red flag is if the flash lighting continues to flash even when you are not using your phone. This could be because your device is being remotely controlled.

Sudhir Khatwani, Founder and Editor of The Money Mongers 

Noise During Phone Calls

Someone may be eavesdropping if you hear clicking, odd background noise, or the other party’s voice seems distant or is only conveyed in bits during phone calls. Because phone signals are now sent digitally, strange noises are significantly less likely to be attributed to a ‘poor signal,’ especially if you know you have good connectivity in the region where you’re making your calls.

Ariana Flynn, Marketing and Communications Manager ProxyRack

Long Shutdown Process

All operating processes must be terminated before your phone may be switched off. If your smartphone is transmitting data to third parties, these illegal activities must be finished before your device can be turned off. If turning down your phone takes longer than usual, particularly after a call, sending emails or text messages, or accessing the Internet, it’s possible that sensitive information has been shared. 
Bram Jansen, Chief Editor of vpnAlert

Pornographic Ads Or X-Rated Content Appearing On Your Phone

Pornographic ads or X-rated content appearing on your phone, according to our security experts, are signs of a malware assault. You may have clicked on a malicious link or even a fake QR code that was sent to you by Whatsapp, Email, or even while surfing the internet.

Abnormally High Data Usage

Another symptom we’ve observed of a hacked phone is an abnormally high data bill at the end of the month, which might be the result of malware or spy applications operating in the background and relaying data back to a server.

Sally Stevens, Co-founder

Receiving Random Pop-Ups From Sites That You Never Visited

If your phone is receiving random pop-ups from sites that you never visited, this may be an indication that your phone is hacked. In that case, you need to keep a close look at whom you’re calling and texting, what apps you’re downloading, and what your regular data usage is. Any difference in these activities indicates that a hacker is using your phone. 

Sarah Kiran, Chief Editor at GoodCloudStorage

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