Know these cloud structures while using QuickBooks hosting

Know these cloud structures while using QuickBooks hosting

QuickBooks has been satisfying the accounting needs of small and medium-sized businesses for a very long period of time. Introduced as an accounting solution for non-professional people, soon the market demand and evolving needs of the customers allowed the product to transform into a perfect solution for SMEs, accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers. Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, has been able to make improvements and add new features according to the changing market and accounting needs.

But with the introduction of cloud, the company made a big change and introduced QuickBooks enterprise hosting in the market. With this great product, people were able to host their QB on the cloud and access it globally without any time restriction. But the introduction of cloud also forced the company to concentrate more on security and accessibility rather than accounting tools and operations.

Beside QuickBooks hosting, there is another option for network access and it is known as QuickBooks online. But this version of the product doesn’t have all the features of the desktop edition and that’s why if you are thinking of making a switch from QuickBooks desktop then this is not an ideal option.

So, let’s look at the two cloud structures which will go hand in hand with the QuickBooks desktop if you want to capitalize on the advantage of the cloud.

The powerful cloud storage 

There are different options of cloud storage available on the internet among which the most famous one is Google Drive. Other than this, you can also look for Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive, iCloud, Box, Nextcloud, iDrive, etc. You can easily store all your QuickBooks files in these cloud storage options. For example, storing files and folders in Google Drive requires you to have a Gmail account and you will get 15 GB of free cloud storage data.

These cloud storage options are very useful as in case of data loss you can easily recover the data from anywhere and at any time as all your data will be safe in the cloud.

But with the advantages, limitations come built in and the same goes for cloud storage. You can download the QB files from anywhere but to use these QuickBooks files, you will have to install the software on that particular device. Otherwise, you will be able to download the file but not use it. 

Understanding the cloud structure is one of the most important aspects of using it because if you will not make well informed decisions while using the cloud computing solutions then you will not be able to fully exploit advantages.

Many people have shifted to cloud computing solutions without analysing its structure and how it works but the advantages acquired by those people were limited to only a couple of things since they didn’t know the proper functionality of cloud computing.

Hosted QuickBooks 

If you want to capitalize the power of cloud in an ideal way, then QB cloud hosting is the best option. You can choose a suitable hosting provider, pay a nominal fee and enjoy the power of the cloud as like your on premise cloud server. The QuickBooks hosting removes the restriction of installing the software on the device on which you want to download and use the files. Moreover, the highly beneficial QuickBooks hosting solution offers you better security, enhanced multi-user experience, high uptime, and many other advantages as well. 

Bundling QuickBooks with the cloud is an ideal solution for managing your accounts, regardless of the size of your business. On one side, the cloud storage option allows you to store your files on the cloud, on the other side, the QuickBooks cloud hosting helps you utilize the cloud at 100% efficiency.

Even if you are running a small and medium sized business you can easily shift to the hosted quickbooks solution since it will not burn a hole in your pocket and it will fit in like a glove in your limited budget.

But you’ll have to make sure you’re choosing an ideal cloud hosting provider for shifting to the cloud platform as not all the cloud providers out there are good.

You should know that cloud isn’t just a single solution and it comes in many different forms and therefore, in order to make the most of cloud computing, you have to get familiar with every cloud computing solution out there. This will help you in making informed decisions and you can then fully exploit cloud computing solutions. 

Cloud computing is a word used for a fast network of computing platforms that is delivered through the internet and therefore exploring the world of cloud computing is necessary even if you are using it on a limited level. So get used to cloud computing and start capitalising on its benefits without worrying about the budget.

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