Microsoft Scraps Plans For Dual-Screen Surface Duo 3, Pivots To New Foldable Screen Design

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According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, Microsoft’s next foldable Surface phone will feature “a more traditional foldable design, with a 180-degree hinge, internal foldable screen and external cover display.” Bowden writes: I’m told this new foldable device came about after the company had already finalized a dual-screen design for Surface Duo 3. This original dual-screen design was supposed to ship at the end of 2023 as the next Surface Duo, featuring narrower and taller edge-to-edge displays, wireless charging, and other improvements. That dual-screen design has now been scrapped, and the Surface team is now focused on delivering this new “true” foldable design. Microsoft began exploring single-screen foldable designs as a potential successor to the Surface Duo 2 in late 2021 after it launched and was met with mixed reviews.

It’s still too early to know the exact specs that this new foldable device is going to feature hardware wise, or whether or not Microsoft plans to simulate a dual-screen experience via a software feature or mode. My sources say there’s no concrete shipping window for the device in place yet either, meaning it’s unlikely to be ready in time for this fall. […] Of course, with the change in form factor may also come a change in name. It’s still too early to tell, but given this device isn’t a traditional Duo in form factor, perhaps the company will take this opportunity to rebrand the line, similar to what it did with the Surface Book and Surface Laptop Studio. Regardless, sources tell me this device is still considered a third-generation Duo internally. Bowden goes on to say that Microsoft remains “all-in” on delivering its own Android hardware and software. There’s a larger software effort ongoing internally that aims to “deliver an ecosystem experience between Microsoft’s Android hardware and Windows PCs similar to that between an iPhone and Mac.”

The company has also been “exploring different form factors to ship in addition to a foldable device.”

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