Mood Rollers NFT: 5 Ones to Watch in 2022

Mood Rollers NFT: Five NFTs To Look Out For This Year

We witnessed the creation of a new blockchain-based creative economy in 2021. Since the advent of NFTs, musicians have gained NFT superstardom, billion-dollar companies have been created in a matter of months, and many lives have been completely altered. The most exciting aspect of the NFT environment, however, is the number of artists of all creeds and media who have discovered community and support by adopting this technology.

Here we have compiled a list of five rising stars that are primed to make headlines in 2022.


Goldweard is a 3D artist who gained notoriety after collaborating with Nifty Gateway to develop Crystal Pops, perhaps the first large-scale gas-free PFP drop. Prior to this collection, the UK-based artist has created a variety of 1/1s and sets showcasing his distinctive 3D crystal design. Goldweard is continuing expansion efforts for the rapidly expanding open-world game of the Crystal Pops metaverse, having recently returned to Nifty Gateway for a mysterious, skeleton-themed drop.

We were able to ask Goldweard a few questions about NFTs and his creative process.

How did you initially become interested in non-profit organizations?

As with many things on the internet, I discovered NFTs by going through Twitter. In 2019, MakersPlace tweeted “earn cryptocurrency selling digital art.” It seemed amusing, so I joined Discord using the future punk pseudonym.

What would you say about your art? How does your process work?

My art is a visual depiction of the ideologies, ideals, and interests I’ve developed over the course of my life, with the overriding goal of leaving artifacts for future generations that proclaim “I lived, I was here.” When ideas strike me like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, I am impelled to make them a reality by whatever means.

My creative process begins with a picture representing a notion. I frequently have no control over them; they enter my brain randomly and without warning, and I get obsessed with them. I deconstruct the image to determine its meaning, sometimes before creating and sometimes after. I frequently learn a great deal about myself and the world via the creative process. Art provides me with answers. It has shaped my viewpoint for the past fourteen years.

Do you have any forthcoming releases or compilations that we should keep a watch out for?

I’ve spent the last six months working feverishly on a video game using my Crystal Pops non-fungible tokens, and we’re on track to deliver this year. It was a formidable obstacle for me and my little team of buddies, Umren and Jindai. Creating an NFT game is no simple task.

Iman Europe

Iman Europe is a composer, vocalist, and lyricist from Los Angeles who has been forging a trail across the music NFT environment as a crypto-artist. She has continued to cement her distinctive blend of R&B, soul, hip-hop, and electronic production throughout the world, where she is renowned for her seductive voice and profound poetry. Iman, who has amassed millions of listens across streaming platforms, is a prime example of Web3 musicians that have created their own unique identities from scratch.

Jenni Pasanen

Jenni Pasanen is a multidisciplinary artist whose intricate GAN (generative adversarial network) NFTs have gained prominence rapidly. Through a combination of AI code and her own broad creativity, Pasanen aspires to develop a new medium in which computers and people may collaborate to produce groundbreaking digital works. Her works are available on several markets on both the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.

We were able to ask Pasanen a few questions about NFTs and her creative process.

How did you initially become interested in non-profit organizations?

A buddy introduced me to NFTs over a year ago. It prompted me to conduct more research and acquire as much information as I could on NFTs, and I was immediately hooked! Prior to minting my first set of NFTs in March of 2021, I observed the NFT movement from the sidelines.

What would you say about your art? How does your process work?

I might say that each work is a piece of myself, captured through painting on a canvas with limitless potential. I produce my works using a combination of GAN and digital art. ArtBreeder is my all-time favorite tool because the in-app options are so limited that every image generated is a complete surprise.

GAN is a tool for me, functioning as both paint and inspiration for my artwork. We build our own reality based on what we have experienced, which causes us to see GAN components that mimic familiar but unfamiliar forms, tones, and colors differently. One may claim that there are no limitations when creating works in this manner.

Do you have any forthcoming releases or compilations that we should keep a watch out for?

I have two fresh drops on the Ethereum blockchain in April. In addition, Tezos is now hosting a one-year anniversary drop of 0000AI, which will end on April 7. Typically, this series is dopped every week. In addition, a new item from my Mask Obscura collection will be shown on MakersPlace very soon.

Lucas Zanotto

The award-winning designer, animator, and art director Lucas Zanotto reside in Helsinki. He has collaborated with a variety of crypto artists and projects and is the author of the groundbreaking Mood Rollers collection, which paved the way for the Random Characters Collective team to develop the ever-popular Invisible Friends. In addition to minting and selling whimsical 3D animated 1/1 and limited edition NFTs, Zanotto works on children’s material for his own firm, YATATOY.

How did you initially become interested in non-profit organizations?

At the conclusion of Summer 2020, a buddy of mine began to inform me about NFTs. After conducting research, I contacted Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, MakersPlace, etc. In November of 2020, I had my first drop on Nifty Gateway, followed by a drop on MakersPlace, and I began exploring other platforms, 1/1s, and more recent collections, collaborating with James Curran and Markus Magnusson on Random Character Collective.

What would you say about your art? How does your process work?

I produce unlimited 3D animation loops for the digital art universe. The majority of them include rolling eyes and shifting emotions from pleased to dissatisfied. It is a very straightforward and minimalistic style that attempts to evoke personalities and empathetic feelings in the simplest forms. This concept is also reflected in my actual artwork, sculptures, and displays.

Do you have any forthcoming releases or compilations that we should keep a watch out for?

Yes, Mood Flippers, the second collection in the Moodverse, where the Mood Rollers originated, will soon be released. Dropping very soon. In addition, I began working on a very limited, smaller Foundation collection titled MOOTEMS. With this subject of MOOTEMS, the intention is to gradually build 1/1 handcrafted items. In addition, the majority of my works feature original compositions by myself!

Meg Bat

Megan Batson, a photographer turned crypto artist, goes under the alias Meg Bat. Over the years, Batson’s erotic photographs have come to symbolize her enthusiasm for empowering women in their own flesh. Batson intends to bring women of different backgrounds to the NFT venue to interact and “produce beautiful and uplifting art” by means of her sought 1/1s and widely held edition works.

We had the opportunity to discuss NFTs with Bat and learned about her imminent drop.

How did you initially become interested in non-profit organizations?

My dearest friend and inspiration, Kara, phoned and informed me about them. Her partner is interested in crypto, and he thought it was something we could pursue together. Therefore, we spent about a month on Clubhouse daily studying NFTs. We made acquaintances in the sector and both issued our first NFTs in March of last year.

What would you say about your art? How does your process work?

Photographers such as Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh, and Slim Aarons have affected my work. The majority of my inspiration comes from travel, nature, light, and a fresh appreciation of the feminine form that demonstrates the power and strength of a woman.

Depending on where I am and who I’m photographing, my method varies. Sometimes I work with mood boards, teams, and props, while other times I shoot candid moments while hanging out with friends. I adore capturing spontaneous events. Even when a session is planned, I believe that the in-between moments have the most genuine vitality.

Do you have any forthcoming releases or compilations that we should keep a watch out for?

I’m currently working on several projects that I’m eager to release, but I’m keeping everything under wraps for now. After nine years in Los Angeles, I have chosen to pack up my belongings and spend the next chapter of my life traveling and producing along the way.

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