TruBrain Sleep Review – Is it the Best Nootropic Drink for Better Sleep?

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We are all aware of the importance of great-quality sleep to maximize your performance during the day, but sometimes it’s hard to come by. Whether you’re struggling to relax and fall asleep or can’t seem to experience a full, restorative night, there are solutions for you.


Nootropics have been praised for their ability to enhance focus and learning, but what about sleep: can they help you sleep better and perform more efficiently?


TruBrain’s Sleep Drinks are a fast-acting formula for deep, restorative sleep. As our most critical factor in cognitive healthcare, it’s important that we restore our brain’s capacity to learn efficiently overnight.  


We’ll share everything you need to know about this magic little shot, its ingredients, how it compares to other sleep nootropics, and how it can benefit you – both at night and throughout the rest of your life.


Tl;dr – Is TruBrain legit?

TruBrain’s nootropic Sleep Drink is a 1oz sleep and relaxation shot that helps you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling restored and ready to face the day. Here’s a summary of what we like and dislike.


  • Non-groggy: Optimizes sleep while still helping you feel clear-headed in the morning
  • Easy: No prep involved; simply enjoy ~30mins before getting ready for bed
  • Convenient: The individual ingredients are hard to come by, TruBrain does the work by including the right dosage of nootropics + functional oils
  • Contains CBD: An incredible sleep aid, CBD combined with other active ingredients helps with relaxation and insomnia
  • Tasty: The berry flavor is easy to drink on its own – no need to mix with any other drink
  • Eco-friendly: Packaging is recyclable and made of recycled paper
  • Subscribe & save: Get up to 30% off the price by subscribing to 3-12 months of shipments
  • Free shipping: On all orders $55+ and trial products ship free
  • Trial sets: TruBrain offers trial sets, allowing you to try out the Sleep formula along with their other drinks to see what unlocks your best brain
  • Costly: At $2.58-$4.50 per use, the formula could be pricey if you’re taking it every night (but you can save up to 10-30% by subscribing)
  • Contains melatonin: While it works wonders for many, some people are more sensitive to the side effects of melatonin


TruBrain Sleep overview – Everything you need to know

TruBrain offers a range of products designed to enhance your brain’s natural abilities. Through studying some of the smartest people on the planet’s thought patterns, distractability, stress management, and more, TruBrain’s scientists are paving the path to understanding optimal brainwave patterns and helping people do their best thinking.


The Sleep formula is part of a range of nootropic drinks designed to boost mental output in all areas. Depending on their specific formula, they can increase cognitive performance, aid relaxation, and enhance mood.


TruBrain Sleep has been formulated especially to support deep, restorative sleep and promote consistent sleep cycles for brain restoration, increased creativity, memory solidification, improved focus, and more.



Why is having a sleep schedule so important?

Establishing or following a regular sleeping pattern helps your body maintain its internal clock or circadian rhythm. Disrupting your internal clock leads to sleeping issues – one night of lost sleep may not cause that much trouble, but over time, sleeping issues can increase your risk of developing insomnia and excessive daytime sleepiness. 


What’s more, misaligned circadian rhythms have been associated with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mood disorders.


Sleep is especially important for anyone with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). According to the Sleep Foundation, 25-50% of patients with ADHD struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Many people with ADHD seek nootropics, natural substances that promise to improve cognition and protect the brain without the harmful side effects of prescribed stimulant drugs, such as Adderall, which impact sleep.


Nootropics for Sleep: Does TruBrain’s Sleep Drink actually help?

Nootropics are compounds that increase various mental functions like attention, motivation, concentration, and memory. They’re actually more common than you’d think – Coffee and Ginkgo biloba are two examples of natural nootropics that millions consume everyday.


Why should you consider TruBrain’s nootropics for sleep to your nightly routine, though? Here are a few reasons we found helpful.

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