VR FPS Games To Play in 2022

VR FPS Games To Play in 2022

Undoubtedly, the finest VR FPS games are flourishing thanks to the revolutionary effects of virtual reality on the gaming industry.

One major difference between using a regular controller and a VR headset is the number of control players has over the action. So, you can’t easily click your way around the screen or move the joystick to get where you want to go in-game.

Second, firing off headshots and blasting adversaries in virtual reality is just as fun as it’s always been. The difference between this and playing on a console is that your surroundings’ whole visual and aural experience adds a new level of immersion.

Here are some recommended VR FPS Games to get you revved up for some real movement & more immersive gaming.

Population: One

Population: One is an excellent starting point for those interested in trying out a virtual reality version of Fortnite. In this approachable and simple battle royale game, squads of three players drop into an enormous open-world battlefield and begin shooting each other to the death.

The lack of side quests and intricate plots makes it a good starting point for those who are more interested in getting a feel for the gameplay mechanics than exploring the tale. 

It’s a VR FPS Game that boasts advanced climbing motion controls and a truly immersive flying function that surpasses other games in the same category. 

In addition, Population: One also includes continuous updates and limited-time events to keep players involved.


Boneworks is a fantastic first-person shooter for VR players who want to do more than fight to the death in a battle royale atmosphere. 

The gameplay involves blasting your way past hostile robots and solving a series of mind-bending riddles to escape a strange lab environment where the robots have gone rogue. 

There is only one major drawback, and that is that it is not multi-player.

Boneworks stands out among the FPS VR pack with its awesome Arena mode, which allows players to tinker with the melee physics of the VR controls and then apply those customizations to the main campaign. 

The game’s mechanics are entirely physics-based, allowing players to control the full body of the protagonist and react to the physical setting. 

Unfortunately, compared to other first-person shooter virtual reality games, Boneworks has one of the most gruesome and extensive arsenals.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead – Saints & Sinners is one of the best virtual reality games since it is both an immersive role-playing and a first-person shooter. 

Even though the horrifying, long-forgotten zombie first-person shooter doesn’t have the most nonstop action or furious shootouts, it makes up for it with a captivating storyline and expert gunplay. 

As a result, the game’s nomination for Best Virtual-Reality title in 2020 is well-deserved.

Players take control of The Tourist and wander through a New Orleans overrun by zombies, trying to reach the Reserve while dodging waves of enemies. Saints & Sinners is the next best thing to being a cast member of The Walking Dead. 

It will satisfy the passionate fantasies of horror survivalists who have always wanted to face the zombie apocalypse in real life.

Half-Life – Alyx

Half-Life – Alyx, the winner of Best VR/AR at the Game Awards in 2020, is hands-down the best first-person shooter (FPS) VR game. This VR-exclusive Half-Life sequel has a 93 Metascore and more in-depth realism than any of its rivals. This has made it the first truly useful application of virtual reality.

Defeat the enemy alien. Combine as you enjoy deeply interactive full room-scale dynamics without feeling motion sickness, directing Alyx and her father through a terrifying police state. The VR system is intelligently designed so players can utilize their whole bodies as cover while firing with a single hand.

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