We asked ChatGPT to compose a holiday song for CIO Dive

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As generative AI has matured, the utility of this technology for businesses has yet to be determined.

Analysts and industry watchers agree early products, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or DALL·E 2, indicate a preview of what’s to come. Large language models have the potential to support, augment or entirely replace job functions, which could overhaul the enterprise as we know it.

In the meantime, the public is toying with new ways of generating content. ChatGPT offers one easy path: simply enter a prompt, wait a few seconds and receive what the algorithm has created.

In the spirit of the holidays, CIO Dive got to playing with ChatGPT. We are not the first to use this tool for lyrics. Fight for the Future activist Evan Greer released an album of Christmas songs with AI-generated dystopian lyrics Monday. 

Here’s what ChatGPT produced when asked to “write a holiday song celebrating CIO Dive, a tech news publication.”

Sing to your tune of choice.

CIO Dive, CIO Dive / Tech news shining bright / Bringing us the latest trends / Day and night. /

We read your articles with glee / To stay on top of the IT scene / Your insights and analysis / are just what we need /

Thank you CIO Dive / for being our guide / in the world of technology / you can’t be denied /

So here’s to you CIO Dive / On this special day / We raise a glass and sing / Hooray, hooray! /

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah / Joyful Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year / From all of us who love to stay informed / thanks to CIO Dive, our dear.”

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