What is the Best WiFi Router for Multiple Devices?

Stop and take a look around you. Check how many devices at your home need a Wi-Fi connection. This is common in today’s hyper-connected world. From our mobile phones to laptops and fitness trackers, TV, games, even our curtains, and washing machines, everything needs a Wi-Fi connection.

For all these devices to stay connected, you need the best wifi router for multiple devices. Today we are going to pen down the best wifi router options for multiple devices. Let’s start!

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 (AX6000) Wi-Fi 6 Router

This wireless router is super fast. It supports 12 Wi-Fi streams and is powered by the latest Wi-Fi 6, having four times greater data capacity. It’s also capable of handling our fast-growing home network needs with speeds of up to 6 Gbps. 

It also has an AX optimized quad-core processor which gives the best performance for tasks such as ultra-smooth streaming, heavy gaming, and more.

Linksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 Open Source Smart Wireless Router

This is an excellent router with dual-band technology. Its top-class features support users at the same time. For quick connections, it uses MU-MIMO technology that connects numerous streaming devices. Its multiple stream technology offers strong signals, large bandwidth, and a huge coverage area.

TP-Link Archer AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Router

This is one of the best routers for multiple devices that offers a huge boost in speed. It has all the features required to establish multiple connections. The higher symbol rate and the latest 1024-QAM combined can boost the speed to the gigabit level. Its best connectivity includes 2x USB ports and eight ethereal ports.

ASUS ROG (GT-AC2900) Dual-Band Wireless Gaming Router

ASUS ROG (GT-AC2900) is basically a gaming router with a high-performance antenna and triple-level game acceleration. It is a visually-attractive router that has customized lighting effects. It supports the setup of AIMesh, which is a network of interconnected routers in the form of a mesh to create a flexible and powerful home WiFi system.

Linksys WRT AC3200 Dual-Band Open Source Router

This wireless router provides up to 3200 Mbps speed. Moreover, it supports multiple devices at a time. It is a reasonably reliable Wi-Fi system for both the workspace and home. It has tri-stream technology and multiple antennas to provide good bandwidth. It also monitors web traffic through a web interface.