XYON Health Review – Is Their Topical Finasteride Legit for Hair Loss?

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What makes XYON unique?

XYON isn’t just a SiloxysSystem Gel designed to deliver hair growth results more efficiently and with fewer side effects. While they contain the same underlying active ingredient/drug (finasteride) as other hair loss brands, XYON’s solution is unique because of their:


  • Easy application: Cream (rather than spray or liquid) dries much slower and releases finasteride onto the hair follicles over 24 hours rather than applying it all at once.
  • SiloxysSystem Gel: XYON’s patented technology allows for exponentially MORE finasteride to be delivered directly to hair follicles and LESS finasteride to be absorbed into the bloodstream (for less risk of side effects).
  • Custom compounded: While alternatives often include minoxidil in their formulations as a 2-in-1 solution, XYON does not. Their topical only contains finasteride, custom compounded for each patient. That means the concentration of finasteride is unique to your needs, which generally means it’s among the highest on the market.


How XYON’s SiloxysSystem Gel improves finasteride’s efficacy 

Before we delve into how XYON’s SiloxysSystem works, you may need a little background on finasteride in general. Classified under a group of medications known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, finasteride works by blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 


DHT causes the miniaturization of your hair follicles, leading to thinning and, ultimately, hair loss. Finasteride blocks the production of DHT, which helps preserve your hair and possibly regrow some of what you’ve lost. 


Now, the difference between oral and topical finasteride is huge. While both types of treatment offer valuable benefits, topical finasteride only works where it’s applied, specifically on your hair follicles. This means less risk of systemic circulation, and therefore, reduced chances of side effects. 


XYON’s SiloxysSystem Gel contains a liposomal gel that works even harder in preventing unnecessary absorption into your bloodstream. All this while delivering the perfect dose of finasteride. 


XYON loads finasteride onto specially selected liposomes, which allows the medication to penetrate deep within the follicles for more permeation of the finasteride to stop DHT in its tracks. 



How well does XYON topical finasteride work for hair loss? 

Most topical compounded finasteride formulations contain between 0.1%-1.0% finasteride by weight. The proprietary SiloxysSystem gel technology allows for finasteride concentrations of up to 2.5%, surpassing most other topical finasteride formulations.


It’s this precision topical formulation that delivers the active ingredient to your hair follicles in a concentrated yet controlled way. The higher concentration allows for the ongoing release of finasteride over the course of 24 hours, providing you with higher levels of efficacy. 


Compounded medications like XYON’s Topical Finasteride with SiloxysSystem™ Gel are more personalized, flexible, and accurately dosed. This higher-than-usual concentration of topical finasteride improves your chances of hair regrowth success without increasing the risk of unpleasant side effects. 


Sounds like a win-win, wouldn’t you agree? 


My personal experience with XYON: Does it really work?

As a 31-year-old male who’s taken finasteride since age 16, I have significant personal experience with hair loss meds, including most recently with XYON


Although I’m lucky never to have experienced adverse side effects like ED or reduced libido during my decade-plus using oral finasteride, I decided to switch to topical to minimize risk. I figured that since I’d probably take it for the rest of my life, opting for a safer way to administer it locally (i.e., directly onto the scalp) rather than globally (i.e., into the bloodstream) would be smart, even if that meant spending a little more. 


In the first two months since using XYON’s topical fin, I noticed thicker hair on my crown, where my balding was the most pronounced. This was a welcomed surprise since I had only expected to lower my side effect risk, not necessarily see regrowth beyond what I had achieved with oral finasteride.


While the results and peace of mind are the best parts about XYON, I also really like how much easier it is to apply compared to other topical finasteride products. Simply put, it’s quicker and less messy to rub in a cream once daily vs applying drops of liquid solution twice. If you think a spray sounds easiest, check out Hims topical Finasteride instead. As an added bonus, XYON’s topical smells nice, which I can’t say has been the case for every brand.


I’m really glad I switched to XYON’s topical finasteride. It’s not the most affordable option, but the extra cost is worth it for me.


XYON reviews: What other customers say on Reddit

Although XYON and its hair loss products are new relative to other brands on the market, our online research found that men who were consistent with their XYON topical treatment plan have seen similarly impressive regrowth results.


We turned to Reddit to see what the consensus XYON users have through numerous testimonials:


No side effects “I’ve been taking Dr. Hasson’s Xyon topical Finasteride 2.5% for the past 3 months… I haven’t had any sides, and overall it’s been a good experience. Reddit r/tressless
Significant growth “I’m currently at 4.5 months [transplant] post-op and starting to see some really exciting and significant growth. It’s still a little sparse (to be expected at this stage), but more hair grows every day. Reddit r/tressless
Easy to use Naive to my balding until my early 30s. Topical Finasteride has really helped save and thicken my hair. It’s easy to use, and I apply it once per day. It helped get my confidence back. XYON

The Verdict: Is XYON topical finasteride worth it? 

Your hair loss is personal, and your treatment should be as well. What works for one may not be the best choice for you, so it’s important to keep an open mind. While there’s no shortage of hair loss products and treatments out there, XYON’s custom compounded topical solution really delivers unparalleled results – based on my personal experience using the product, impressive clinical trials, and the glowing reviews I’ve read online from other happy customers.


While XYON’s topical finasteride is 1.5-2x more expensive than alternative products from Hims or Keeps, it’s worth the higher price if you can swing it, especially if you haven’t seen desired regrowth with oral fin or topical minoxidil in the past.


Their innovative SiloxysSystem delivers follicle-stimulating ingredients (i.e., finasteride) consistently throughout the day rather than all at once. This leads to an impressive 10-17x more active ingredients left on the scalp 24 hours after application, according to a study conducted at the University of Milan 🤯. That also means you can apply less without sacrificing thickness, further reducing the risk of side effects.


XYON also offers the highest finasteride concentration by weight compared to leading brands and only needs to be applied once daily. A dermatologist on their team will work with you virtually to determine the best treatment approach and guide you toward more hair growth with fewer side effects.


The bottom line is that for men who are serious about keeping their hair that don’t want to waste time or money experimenting with different products to see what works, XYON offers an industry-leading solution. It’s far from the cheapest finasteride, but it’s the most likely to yield impressive results, both when compared to other topical finasteride products, as well as more broadly to hair loss treatments in general. I personally have seen significant regrowth after using the product, and my experience isn’t unique – thousands of other happy customers echo the same.


If you can afford ~$100 each month for hair loss, we highly recommend XYON as the best overall topical treatment for men.


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