3 Ways You Can Expand Your Audience

3 Ways You Can Expand Your Audience

Marketing can feel like a strangely difficult component of your business, given how much of it can feel pre-ordained and tried-and-true. The techniques that you go to first of all are the ones that are famously reliable, such as social media, but the act of breaking through to whole new audiences and raking in unseen success can feel like it involves a great deal of luck.

So, turning your attention to methods of marketing that specifically aim to expand your audience might be of interest to you. The results might not always be immediately earth-shifting, but cumulatively, and over time, you might find yourself impressed at the transformation taking place.

Consider Your Options

Sometimes, it’s easier to accomplish a goal when you have some help doing so. What this might mean is that you seek out collaborations with other professionals, such as content creators, influencers, or other companies, but it might also be that there are services and options beyond that. While the former options can help you to expose your brand to audiences that you wouldn’t normally be able to access, perhaps also potentially leading to a boom in social media followers, the latter is a different approach entirely.

An example of one such option is enlisting the help of Nuanced Media, Amazon consultants that can help your business become more closely linked with that brand. This would mean that your business is then put on a platform that grants you access to a huge range of new audiences while also providing you with an element of visibility that you didn’t have before. Big name brands such as Amazon have such a presence in the online world that your close affiliation with them will likely be seen by some as a mark of validation or proof of credibility.

Make the Most of Social Media

It’s true that social media can feel like a sort of foundational layer of your marketing campaigns, but that doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no way you can get creative with it to deliver more impactful results. Trying to intentionally get yourself trending on such platforms might be a lost cause, as such things can seemingly happen at random. However, hosting competitions, surveys, and other such events that can feel different from what you normally post might encourage people to get involved, and the hype that you drum up around it with its own marketing might help to get those interested who don’t normally follow you.

Of course, if the competition route is one that you find yourself leaning towards, you might find that a suitable prize is one that gets people fired up. Alternatively, promoting limited-time offers on such platforms might be the right way to garner attention for them. Therefore, those who haven’t yet tried what your business is all about might feel an incentive to give it a go and consider whether or not it’s something that they would be interested in beyond this window.

Take a Positive Stance

In an age of issues such as climate change, companies that show themselves to be taking proactive measures to help out can be viewed more positively by audiences. This might sound obvious, but taking the step to actually promote a cause that you’re involved with might help to get people on board and view you in a more likable and relatable light than if you ignored the issue completely. Of course, getting involved with major causes might always feel like risky business, and you don’t want to risk a bad PR situation. However, it might help for you to think about your target audiences, as well as the kind of reaction that you’re hoping to see. For example, if you’re involving yourself with an initiative that is working to combat the negative impacts of climate change, you want to be seen sticking to your word and taking the steps that you promised to. Hollow offers and empty promises will come back to bite you, and your audiences might notice the contradictions between your statements and values.

It’s important that you think carefully about this, as well as how it pertains to your image as a company – it might sound easy, but rushing in carelessly could backfire. 

Editor-in-Chief Larry has worked a decade in finance, for an international bank where he saw before his eyes how his former company invested on almost everything that has something to do with technology and advancement. This inspired him to create the company along with his then newly-formed team of professionals from different fields, different walks of life.