Write For Us: NFT and CryptoCurrency Guest Post Opportunity

Here at Technology in the Arts, we accept and welcome guest contributors. 

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But before you submit a guest post to Technology in the Arts, read the following guidelines carefully to ensure that your post gets approved. 

To become a contributor at Technology in the Arts, here are some tips that will get your article accepted and published:

  • Head over to the Technology in the Arts homepage and check out a few of our old articles to understand the content that resonates with our audiences the most.
  • Here are a few categories that we publish articles on. However, make sure that there are no duplicates with previously published articles:  
  • Arts and Technology
  • NFT
  • CryptoCurrency

Requirements for Guest Posts

Please review the guest post submission requirements below before submitting your content pitch. Any submission that does not include ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS BELOW will not be accepted.

  • Use original, non-plagiarized content.
  • You must have the right to use the content shared with Technology in the Arts. 
  • All quotes and extracts used in the content must be attributed accurately. 
  • The content must not be self-promoting. 
  • You can include a link to your blog or website if it is relevant only. But remember, your post should not contain promotional material or affiliate links. 
  • Your content should be free of errors and grammatical mistakes. 
  • Your content should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words. 
  • Your content should not be used or posted elsewhere. 

We reserve the right to edit the content and remove typos, grammatical mistakes, and inaccuracies. We may also remove or edit the images in your submission to meet the size and style requirements of our blog. 

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