Apps that Make Your Trucking Business More Efficient

Apps that Make Your Trucking Business More Efficient

For any trucker, a smartphone is now a must-have gadget. Whether you are planning to go on a new route, looking for a gas station, or in search of the nearest rest area, your smartphone will assist you. 

In this article, we have made listed the best apps that can help make your trucking business more efficient. 

Trucker Path

Trucker Path is one of the most popular apps among truckers. This app displays the availability of nearby truck parking. This app also displays fuel points and the truck stops within Canada and the USA. Due to its increasing popularity, Trucker Path now has a built-in forum which is a great place to discuss trucking-related topics, ideas, and trends. This app is available on both the Google Playstore and Apple Store free of charge.

Rolling Strong

Long Drives are always tiring and put a huge drain on your physical energy. The Rolling Strong app is helpful in keeping you fresh and hydrated while you drive. It provides the driver with a customized meal and exercise plan during the trip. You can now track your intake of calories, food, and water at all times and try out your favorite recipes as well. This app also helps you with a healthy workout routine, wellness coaching, and a lot more.


GoShare is a really beneficial app if you are looking to earn more by putting your trucking services on the map. GoShare is like the Uber of trucking which connects truckers with businesses and individuals looking for someone to deliver their heavy items. You can find numerous jobs on GoShare and make some extra money on the side.

Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools provides truckers updates on live traffic, directions, nearby weigh stations, updated fuel rates, and a lot more. It is one of the best apps that provides convenience and utility to truckers and makes their life easy.


GasBuddy keeps you updated with the ongoing fuel prices in the country and helps you in finding the cheapest gas station near you. You can also filter the results by locations, brands, and prices. As a trucker, you spend most of your time on the road so it is important to take advantage of this amazing app.


Waze is the world’s largest navigation and traffic application which provides drivers real-time updates provided by actual people traveling on the roads. The updates Waze provides include traffic jams, accidents, police assistance points, etc. If your truck sustains damage during the trip, truck insurance companies help cover the bills for repairs.

Moreover, you need not jeopardize your life by constantly switching applications for listening to songs. Waze is now partnered with Spotify and you can now enjoy your favorite songs and stay updated on the road using the same application.

Weather Channel App

This app provides you with critical information on how the weather is going to be like over a set duration of time. It also provides alerts and notifications on extreme weather patterns in your current region. This allows you with the information necessary to plan your trips keeping upcoming weather conditions in mind.

We hope you found this list of apps to be informative and are now in the position to get the maximum benefit of each application mentioned above. If you think we missed an app in this list or would like to chat with us, leave a comment in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

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