Five Ways Potomac Citizens Can Save on Energy

Five Ways Potomac Citizens Can Save on Energy

Can you believe that the average Maryland resident spends around $125 on electricity every month?

Instead of accepting this fate and continuing to throw your hard-earned money away, you should focus on home energy solutions that can make a difference. The exciting news is that you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle to start reaping some benefits.

Would you like to know some effective ways you can save on energy? Read on for our top five tips that every homeowner should use.

1. Switch to Solar-Powered Energy

If you want to spend less on energy, then you could end up saying goodbye to electric bills forever by following a solar playbook. Installing solar panels in your home may sound intimidating because they’re expensive, but they pay for themselves within five years or so.

After you break even, you’ll be creating free energy for at least 20 years. If your panels produce more than you use, then selling the excess can help you turn an even bigger profit.

2. Plug Everything Into Smart Power Strips

Lots of people are surprised to know that their electronics are sucking up tons of power when they’re not in use. This doesn’t mean that you have to create a routine where you unplug everything around the house after you’re done using it.

Buying some smart power strips will allow you to save energy by disconnecting unneeded electronics from your phone.

3. Rethink Your Kitchen Habits

Kitchens have some of the biggest appliances, which means that being mindful of your habits there will help you use less energy. One quick fix is to use your microwave instead of your oven whenever you can.

If you do need to use your oven, don’t waste electricity by waiting for it to preheat. When you’re ready to clean up, run your dishwasher later in the evening only with a full load.

4. Seal Your Home

There’s nothing more frustrating than imagining your money flying out the window. If you haven’t sealed any cracks in your home, then you’re letting this happen whenever you use your air conditioner.

Your air will leak outside and make your HVAC unit work harder to stabilize the temperature in your home.

5. Have a Greener Laundry Routine

We’ve all been told to wash our hands with warm water and soap to get a deep clean. It’s understandable why you’d think the same rule applies to your laundry, but heating up your water is a waste.

Your clothes will be just as fresh when you wash them with cool water. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can hang your clothes to dry as well.

These Tricks Make It Easy to Save on Energy

Anyone can save on energy if they get a bit creative. Now that you’ve read this guide on cutting your electric bill, you can get ready to pocket much more money.

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