Greenlight Launches Financial Literacy Game

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  • Digital banking app for kids and teens, Greenlight, launched a financial literacy game today.
  • The game, Greenlight Level Up, is designed to teach financial skills to kids from kindergarten to 12th grade.
  • Only 23 states in the U.S. require schools to offer lessons in personal finance.

Greenlight, a digital banking app for kids and teens, unveiled a financial literacy game today called Greenlight Level Up.

The game aims to teach kids from kindergarten to 12th grade skills that they can use to improve their financial well-being. Many financial skills are not taught in schools. In fact, only 23 U.S. states require schools to teach a personal finance course. Greenlight Level Up offers lessons on earning, spending, saving, investing, managing credit, income, taxes, and more.

The game was crafted by academic and game design experts to keep kids engaged, using coins and stars as rewards.

Schools, teachers, and students can access Greenlight Level Up for free via Greenlight for Classrooms, an online financial literacy library for kids in grades kindergarten through 12. Greenlight for Classrooms will launch later this year.

Greenlight was founded in 2014 and offers a money management platform for families. The company has served five million parents and kids, offering them real-life experience in the financial world with credit and debit cards, along with a tandem mobile app. By using the cards with help from their parents, Greenlight helps kids build skills to manage their earnings, savings, spending, and giving; and empowers kids to learn to invest. In 2021, Greenlight raised $260 million in a round that valued the company at $2.3 billion.

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