How Will Quantum Computing Change The World?

How Will Quantum Computing Change The World?

Quantum computing has the potential to change everything. This technology combines quantum theory with digital processing and communication in order for an algorithm or system to be more efficiently solved by a computer than humans using classical mathematics. It could revolutionize industries from healthcare, law enforcement etc. All while being much faster at finding solutions than current methods.

The main obstacle preventing its widespread adoption are fears associated with hackers gaining access through security flaws. We have gathered some of the ways it can change the world, 

Online security

There are significant concerns about the security of online transactions once quantum computing is widely adopted. The good side however has not been overlooked; there have already been some promising developments on creating new encryption methods that only require a minimal amount of input–something even today’s most powerful computers can’t do in real time because they’re simply too slow.

Artificial intelligence

With quantum computing, artificial intelligence machines can learn from experience and self-correct. Just like humans do with their brain power in pursuit of perfectionism or learning new things on purpose when they make mistakes – so too will these intelligent programs improve as time goes by because feedback is the key!

Drug discovery

With enough qubits, quantum computers can process complex calculations at very high speeds. The ability to solve problems quickly will be beneficial for pharmaceutical companies in their search for new drugs or medicines that may come from simulations on a computer rather than physical laboratories which are time consuming and expensive with only 1 billion dollars being spent just getting information about potential therapies onto the market.

Financial modelling

One major financial service that is being enhanced by quantum computing are automated trading. Financial markets use complex models to forecast returns based on Monte Carlo simulations, but these calculations can be made easier with a computerized system housing key data from past trades in order to determine what may happen next for an algorithmically determined price range between say 0 and 1 (which represents probability).

Medical discovery

Modern medicine has the power to create improved treatments that are tailored for each patient. The time it takes from finding a cure and delivering it in your backyard is decreasing every day thanks to quantum computing, but there’s still more work needing done before this revolutionary technology can be used on humans

A new type of computer called “quantum” will provide an unparalleled leap forward when precision molecular modelling becomes possible- meaning personalised drug discovery at record speeds with no price tag attached.

The potential for quantum computing is immense. Imagine a world in which you can’t open your email or bank account without permission because hackers are able to crack the encryption system with this new technology.

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