LAN diagram Why is it needed

LAN diagram: Why is it needed?

Intranet is an internal company network built using internet technology. The architecture of the intranet is a web application and uses the TCP/IP protocol. While the Extranet is a corporate intranet network that wants to expose its information to outside networks. While the Internet (Interconnected Network) is a global communication system that connects computers and computer networks around the world. 

At first intranet, technology came along with internet technology. The difference is in the use of firewalls for local intranet networks connected to the internet, intending to protect information system assets owned by the company from external attacks. 

This makes the intranet really can function properly independently of the internet because the intranet is not connected to outside networks. Today the Internet is more widely used and the communication system consists of various kinds of networks. One of them is what is called a Local Area Network. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a group of computers (can consist of only two computers) connected so that each of them can communicate with each other. Through the network, every computer in it can share data. A LAN diagram is a diagram that shows how each component in a LAN is connected. The diagram is also often called a network map. LAN diagrams can vary in shape, from very simple to very complex. But regardless of how complex a LAN diagram is, it must include every component needed in the network.

In the study of information technology, this diagram is often known as a topology. There are two kinds of topologies commonly used by network administrators; physical topology and logical topology. The physical topology shows the location of each involved device (the location is commonly referred to as a network node). The locations include a variety of details, even when equipment is placed behind a location. A good LAN diagram is usually based on the original building plan (where the LAN network is located). 

It will clearly show how the cables connect the various devices involved. When there is a problem in the network, a LAN diagram is indispensable to make it easier for every technician to check if there is a component that is in trouble. While the logical topology is used to provide a demonstration of the data path in the network. This is closely related to routing and switching areas. PoE Switch for example. Each LAN diagram includes the Internet protocol (IP) addresses of each node in the network. 

Why are LAN diagrams used? 

The main reason is the visualization of the settings before the network construction is done. Thus the network developer can determine the most suitable route for the flow of data and also the locations of the required devices. 

The second reason is as mentioned above. The LAN diagram can serve as a guide for technicians to troubleshoot problems that occur (when the network is down or not working as it should). For example, if one device is damaged, a technician can find out what device it is by tracing the data flow in the network that is indicated to be disturbed. 

The third reason is to facilitate network expansion when needed. By looking at a LAN diagram, a developer can estimate the most efficient way to add new components. Thus, network expansion will not be carried out carelessly. 


A LAN diagram is a local Internet network map that has many functions for designing, maintaining, and even expanding a network. This diagram is needed so that every Internet network created can work optimally.

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