NFT Video Games What Every Gamer Should Know

NFT Video Games: What Every Gamer Should Know

Video gaming is no new trend, but it has been hyped up to new levels in recent years. The platform is in a constant state of development, advancement, and change, which leads to new, better gaming technology at a consistent rate. With such an open-ended medium, gamers have a stream of new content to discover on a regular basis and the recent exploration of NFT and video game collaboration only accentuates this further. Keep reading below to find out more about the links between the two and how NFT is shaping video game development and gameplay. 

What is NFT?

 NFT stands for non-fungible token. Are you none the wiser? Don’t worry. In simple terms, NFTs are anything that could be considered a piece of art in a digital format. This includes images, videos, games, music, AI tech, and more. When in possession of an NFT, you essentially assume ownership of the specific digital art asset which then allows you to trade, sell, and build upon it. Think of it as a constantly moving collection but instead of being a physical entity, it is entirely digital. Blockchain technology, more commonly associated with bitcoin trading, is used to regulate and distribute NFTs. 

How to Get Started 

Currently, not a lot of games offer this model of purchase and trade. Some do but it is worth researching before committing to a product if this is how you want to play. This is largely a computer-based practice, yet to reach gaming consoles, a gaming PC will be needed. To find a viable PC option, consider a Prebuilt Lenovo Gaming PC. Browsing reviews enables knowledge growth around specifications and technicalities that all gamers grow to love. 

Accessing NFTs in a Gaming Context 

The typical model for a video game where in-game content can be purchased is just like any normal transaction with a digital twist. Decide what you want, buy it with real money that goes directly to the company, and enjoy your spoils in-game. Quite often real money is used to buy virtual coins that can then be used to purchase things during gameplay. 

So how is NFT gaming different? Well, NFT is much more inclusive of players and allows a decentralized purchase process to take place. The time taken during gameplay allows for greater access to content and the opportunity to gain money from it. This model is not widely popular as it takes money away from the game creator affiliates; however, it is gaining traction in some areas. 

Why do Gamers want More NFT?

 There are multiple reasons why gamers might prefer this model of gaming over more traditional setups. The list below explores the most common reasons.  

  • To earn money: Monetizing gameplay is a movement growing traction. Having the ability to earn money while doing something recreational is an attractive prospect and the united goal of many people across the globe. While there are other routes to doing this through playing video games, NFT purchasing and exploration is just the latest trend catching fire.  
  • For More Autonomy: Sandbox games especially are the perfect platform for this cryptotrend. The current frustration amongst gamers of a lacking autonomy over in-game purchases and sales is a valid one. This could all be changed with the introduction of NFT style crypto-exchange models. It would allow ownership over player created characters to create an almost copyright in a digital sense. 

In-game purchases like skins or weapons can be more easily traded amongst players, with the seller not losing out on profit or value by doing so. This is especially useful in the context of unwanted items as they can then be sold on and repurposed instead of sitting there unused. It would also open up the door for possibilities in character asset transference, which means they could be carried onto sequels more easily. 

Final Thoughts 

It is not uncommon to find a gamer who has a deeper interest in video games. This kind of person is often wanting to branch out and get deeper into what this world has to offer. NFTs are a viable way of doing this, and something to keep an eye on as the technology takes off.

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