Snow Whitening Toothbrush Review – Is their LED Whitening Brush Legit?

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Has anyone else noticed that their teeth have become more susceptible to staining foods as they age? If I thought red wine stained my teeth in college, boy, was I underestimating its powers! As someone whose diet regularly consists of coffee, smoothies, and wine, I’ve been looking for teeth-whitening solutions that don’t cost me an arm and a leg.


Luckily, with so many people taking a greater interest in their teeth, there’s a growing range of whitening toothbrushes on the market that promise to enhance your smile and leave you with a natural, fresh glow – at a fraction of the cost. 


We’re reviewing the Snow Whitening Toothbrush, which uses LED to whiten your teeth. With 2-in-1 whitening and brushing, you can get professional-grade teeth whitening (+ cleaning!) from the comfort of your own bathroom rather than sitting in a dental chair with those bulky shades or spending boatloads of money on various products.


So, let’s talk about how effective home teeth whitening is when using Snow’s LED toothbrush, as well as whether its LED technology is really the next best thing when it comes to brightening your smile at home.


TLDR: Cutting to the chase

In a hurry? Here’s what we love (and dislike) about the Snow Whitening LED toothbrush in a succinct list of pros and cons.



  • Convenient: Easy to use and fits right in to your usual nightly brushing routine without need for check ups or doctor’s visits.


  • Bang for Your Buck: Far less expensive than professional whitening at a dentist with similar expected results


  • Painless: Does not make your teeth as sensitive as strips or professional procedures do


  • Effective: Multiple brush settings + industry-leading Sonic technology provides a in-depth cleaning, including removing dirt and bacteria build-up from hard-to-reach places, as well as whitening your teeth in just a few short weeks


  • Superior technology: Snow’s proprietary sonic movement paired with LED lights not only makes for a deeper clean, but also a whiter smile without going to the orthodontist. There are also four cleaning modes + a built in timer.


  • Fast results: It’s pairable with Snow’s Whitening Toothpaste for faster results. Before and After pics of real Snow customers provide clear evidence of whiter teeth within weeks



  • Additional purchase: You can achieve even better results with Snow’s whitening toothpaste, but you need to buy this separately


Trust me, we know that keeping your teeth white and stain-free isn’t easy, but the Snow Whitening toothbrush helps if you use it regularly and pair it with the right toothpaste.


There’s way more to discover about this brush, though, including how LED tooth whitening works and the benefits of Snow vs other whitening toothbrushes. Read on for the full review to learn everything you need to know about Snow.



The Snow Whitening toothbrush is made by Snow, an oral healthcare brand that offers a wide variety of products to help you take care of your teeth at home. Their catalog includes everything from classic, at-home whitening strips to tongue and lip care to entire whitening kits with LED mouthpieces


Snow’s LED electric toothbrush won the 2022 NEW BEAUTY Award and has been dubbed the “Apple of oral care” thanks to its technology-driven approach to creating brighter smiles and cleaner teeth.


With vibrating bristles that remove plaque build-up, you can expect a deeper clean every time you brush. Paired with an LED light and Snow’s whitening toothpaste, you can also kill two birds with one stone and lighten your teeth while doing your regular brush routine.



Snow Whitening Toothbrush: How it works

To understand how LED teeth whitening works, we first have to understand the makeup of our teeth. The layer beneath your enamel (dentin) is naturally yellow and darkens as you age. When your teeth’s outer layer (enamel) starts to wear down, the dentin beneath becomes more visible. 


The secret to Snow’s Whitening Toothbrush lies in its LED light. The integrated blue LED light penetrates the enamel to lift stains, reveal a brighter glow, and deliver maximum whitening power from day one.


Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs don’t require any warm-up period. However, they won’t brighten your teeth alone. Its job is to act as a catalyst for the chemical whitening process, which is where the right toothpaste comes into play. 


How to use Snow’s Brush for whiter teeth

The best teeth-whitening ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. You can find these in most kinds of toothpaste, but they’ll usually be in a higher concentration in whitening toothpaste. For safety purposes, toothpaste and whitening products are recommended to contain no more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. 


Snow sells their whitening toothpaste in two flavors: AM and PM. The AM flavor is minty and refreshing, while the PM formula is a gentler lavender-mint blend designed to induce relaxation. A three month supply is $40, or $34 as a subscription. You can also purchase 6 or 9 tubes at once for an even greater discount.


Keep in mind that you can still pair Snow’s whitening toothbrush with any regular, over-the-counter whitening toothpaste – as long as they contain whitening ingredients.



Does the Snow LED teeth whitening toothbrush really work?

Research reveals that LED teeth whitening can be effective, though the intensity of results varies. A clinical study found that in-office LED teeth whitening was highly effective, but follow-up treatments at home didn’t do much more.


More recently, a research study found that blue light greatly accelerated the whitening process when hydrogen peroxide was the primary ingredient. Interestingly, the researchers found that the blue light LED not only made whitening act faster but also enhanced the ability of the products to lift stains from teeth. 


Blue light also has an antibacterial effect, which can help lower the risk of enamel thinning and dentin visibility. When you have better dental hygiene, your enamel is protected against bacteria that leads to stains and enamel breakdown. 


With bolstered protection, your teeth are not only stronger and healthier, but they’ll also look whiter.



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