The 5 Best Tools for Tracking Collectors and Trades

The 5 Best Tools for Tracking Collectors and Trades

The non-financial trading (NFT) industry is characterized by rapid development. It is common knowledge that keeping up with mint dates, project unveilings, and scheduled auctions is tough and, at times, nearly impossible. Even while keeping up with collectors, launches, and large-scale deals might be difficult at times, a few organizations have created full tool suites to facilitate the process.

Due to the fact that a single trade from crypto or NFT whale may often make or break the trajectory of a whole collection or currency, keeping up with large-scale events has become an essential skill inside the non-fungible ecosystem. But following an OpenSea account and Discord announcements may only get you so far, so we’ve prepared a list of services that can assist collectors and traders of any level.


Ninjalerts is a potential new entrant among the limited number of crypto and NFT tracking services. The technology, which is only a few months old, allows users to identify certain contract or wallet addresses and receive notifications when an event occurs on either front.

Users are able to get push alerts on their mobile devices at the same time that minting begins, NFT disclosures occur, or whales and influencers make their next move. A lifetime license to the mobile and web app can be purchased in the form of an NFT on the company’s official OpenSea storefront.


Nansen is an analytics tool that combines on-chain data with a vast database comprising millions of wallet labels that are continually expanding. The user-friendly dashboards provided by Nansen include features such as a wallet profiler, smart notifications, and information on top holders and token distribution.

In addition to tracking collectors and transactions, Nansen provides consumers with downloadable data, special insights and analysis, real-time DEX trading updates, and more for a charge. Nansen, a platform that has been for more than a year, appears to be one of the most popular NFT analytics providers. is a service that became online in 2021 that offers an abundance of excellent analytics instruments. The website enables users to monitor floor pricing, volume, and sale history, as well as locate projects that are popular and more.

Numerous services on the platform are free, but premium capabilities can be unlocked for a nominal monthly subscription. Additionally, the company’s voice sounds highly congruent with the spirit of the NFT community, making it a favorite option among NFT maximalists.

DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

DappRadar has long been a center for monitoring NFT sales and capturing data. With the launch of its portfolio tracker in 2020, however, the platform improved its products to include a straightforward method for monitoring Ethereum wallets in real-time.

Users may quickly input an ENS name, Ethereum, or Binance wallet address, and view the token and NFT balance, and the net value of that wallet. The portfolio tracker is somewhat restricted in terms of alerts and transaction analyses, but its use, Defi, and NFT financial information are immensely valuable tracking tools for individual portfolios.

Rainbow Wallet

One of the most popular Ethereum wallets in the NFT industry doubles as a collector and trade tracking system. Rainbow lets users to add an account to a watchlist by simply inputting the wallet address or ENS name of another collector, exposing the wallet’s complete contents.

Once entered, the ENS name or account number will appear in the account balances screen’s dropdown menu. By moving between watchlist entries, users may view the coins in a particular wallet, their value, the NFTs in that wallet, and even recent transaction history.

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