The Top 13 VR Accessories

The Top 13 VR Accessories

Experimenting with new tools can be anyone’s favorite aspect of the workday. We continually evaluate goods to see what is available, what trends we can include in our eLearning solutions, and how we can improve the user experience. You may rely on this list to be followed.

Covers VR

While using your VR headset for an extended period of time, you can encounter skin irritation from perspiration. When playing intense games like Population One, Beat Saber, or FitXR, skin-related risks can be greatly reduced with the use of VR coverings. Oculus recalls the detachable foam facial interface that comes with Oculus Quest.

They are replacing it with a new silicone cover to drain away sweat during physical activity or after playing video games, according to Facebook Reality Labs chief Andrew Bosworth in a blog post. There are numerous companies on the market that presently offer VR covers for all different types of VR headsets, so that isn’t the only choice. For instance, VR Cover offers a variety of coverings for the majority of headsets.

VR Handwear

The fact that VR gloves offer a realistic tactile sensation adds to the experience’s attraction and lifelike quality as one of their benefits. Although there are a few VR gloves available, the majority of them are geared toward businesses. Nevertheless, some of these are accessible to customers. 

For instance, the wearable gaming hand machine interface from CaptoGlove is an ideal replacement for controllers. It is completely compatible with Windows PCs, iOS, and Android gadgets and is device agnostic. Different game movements are controlled by hand gestures. For instance, manipulating items by lifting, setting them down, and performing other physics-based operations.

Complete Body Tracker

The Full Body Tracker offers a high level of immersion and engagement, much to VR Gloves. There are a few reasonably priced solutions if you want to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world and experience the rush, even though the majority of full-body VR trackers are marketed as training tools. For instance, the $299 bHaptics Tactsuit X16 is a lightweight haptic vest that offers potent haptic input and can be worn for hours.

VR Lenses

VR lenses shield your headset’s lens from small dings and fingerprints while blocking out harmful light to lessen eye strain. It’s not too difficult to install the lens protection. To ensure a tight fit, you can push the VR lens over each of your VR headset lenses. In VR, you can even get prescription lenses to replace your spectacles if you wear them.

Microfiber Cloth

Just like your glasses or camera lenses, VR lenses are susceptible to dust. Even if you don’t use your headset to play video games, the lenses still gather dust, which can severely harm your VR lenses. In these circumstances, you should get a premium microfiber cloth to clean the headsets twice or three times a week after use. 

They are also easily reusable and washable. Make sure you are not cleaning your lenses with any liquid solution. They might ruin the headset for good. Simply spray lenses from two to three inches away with a rubber blower. Once it is finished, begin wiping the VR headset’s lenses with a cloth. To clean it, gently rotate the cloth in a circular motion without applying any pressure.

Googly Eyes

Consider personalizing your VR headset. Decide on Googly Eyes. Depending on the type of VR headset you use, they come in various sizes and shapes. Your loved ones can enjoy a small chuckle when you are fully involved in the virtual world by observing your googly eyes moving freely inside the larger plastic shell.

Knuckle Strap and Grip Covers

Playing the virtual reality rhythm game beat saber, picture yourself slicing melodic blocks as they come at you. You unintentionally hurl the controller into the air while playing the game, hitting your brand-new LCD in the process. 

It’s probably too late now; you should have held the controller properly. What’s this? Grip Covers with Knuckle straps are a method to stop controllers from slipping out of your hands. It stops the touch controllers from being thrown when participating in challenging video games or online courses.

Pack of External Batteries

External Battery Pack is one of the most important VR accessories for your VR headset. The majority of power packs may be tucked neatly inside the strap of your VR headset or placed inside your pocket while it is still attached. With a battery pack, you may prolong and improve your virtual reality experience, whether playing games or learning investigative techniques, without having to worry about energy drain.

Headset Support

How about displaying and preserving your VR headgear in style now that you’ve bought one? You can easily assemble and arrange your VR device and controllers using a headset stand. A VR headset stand has the benefit of freeing up space on your desktop and improving its appearance.

Long USB Type C Cord

You can play highly immersive, graphically heavy games on your VR headset if you have a lengthy, high-quality USB C cable. Numerous PC-based VR games are only playable with top-tier VR headsets, but thanks to the USB C cord/cable, standalone VR users now have access to a huge selection of games.

V-Rifle Stock

Simply said, a VR Rifle Stock, also known as a VR Rifle Stock, is a gaming attachment that, when connected to VR controllers, simulates the use of a real gun in a virtual world, as opposed to using controllers or virtual hands to play shooting games. As a result, it can enhance a user’s experience by making it more engaging, dynamic, and challenging. Additionally, certain VR Gun Stocks have a Haptic Feedback feature that lets you feel every shot you fire in the game.

  • You might look into a few VR Gun Stocks that are available on the market.
  • Aim controller for PlayStation VR
  • The MagTube Rifle and ForceTube VR Haptic Gun Stock
  • Using a Magtube Rifle

Padded Headset Straps

Simple things can occasionally make a huge difference. Headset Strap Pads are a good example of this. Headset Strap Pads are an essential piece of VR equipment because they’re made to be comfortable and relieve head pressure. It enables users to play for extended periods of time in comfort without bothering about fine-tuning their VR headsets to fit properly.

Paddle Grip for Table Tennis

Table Tennis Paddle Grip lets you practice your skills while competing against players from across the globe. It is specifically made for those who have been using Eleven VR, a very realistic table tennis simulator. You will feel more immersed and have a better VR gaming experience with this add-on. The grip and orientation offered by the controllers differ from those of a real paddle. So it makes logical to change the controllers to make them more appealing to users naturally.

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