10 Best Uses Of Technology For Educational Purposes

10 Best Uses Of Technology For Educational Purposes

In this era of fast-paced technological advancements and innovation adoption, students are growing up tech-savvy and in digital online circles. That being said, it may not be all bad. Now we have a platform where we can reach them with greater ease. The best way to get their attention, and divert it towards education, is right there in front of them. Technology can certainly play a significant role when it comes to improving the educational system.

We asked the experts to recommend a useful resource available to help educators educate the students and actually get them interested in the learning process.

1. AI Cloud-Based Management Platforms

“A steep rise in educational technologies was globally observed in 2020 as a result of remote learning due to Covid pandemic. Collaboration with digital technology like Artificial intelligence, cloud-based management platforms, Extended technology, IoT technology, NFC has become pivotal in delivering education, monitoring classes, online studying and tracking student activity like Managing Attendance, timetables, assessments, tracking homework and so on. 

Intellitracker Attendance Management system which is an automatic attendance collection system with which you can take attendance of students, instructors, supervisors, or any other stakeholder connected with a particular course. The attendee can manage the system from a single screen by scanning the NFC card.” (Mrudul Shah)

2. Social Media and Bookmarking Replicas

“Education trends are going to be much more intriguing to watch with advances in hybrid learning and increased human-computer interaction. One of the biggest challenges in online education is to actively involve students and have a sense of community. As a result, to ensure student interaction and response, Ed-tech has come with replicas of social media and bookmarking sites like Pronto, which are very similar to Slack. Students can exchange materials, participate in discussions, comment, and share animated videos.” (Mrudul Shah)

3. Education Through Gamification

“To make education more engaging and exciting, the education sector has adopted gamification, especially for young minds. Innovation in gaming elements like animated educational videos, the use of immersive technology like Virtual reality and Augmented reality, 3-D elements, and voice-assisted learning helps to create an engrossed and positive online environment. Not only is it more fun but enables a better understanding of concepts and increased knowledge retention. One such example of catching them young and making education fun is the App Jyppzer for Age group 1-5.” (Mrudul Shah)

4. Hybrid and Blended Learning

“STEAM” Education trend is a culmination of science, technology, engineering, art and Mathematics will take the centre stage. Developing robots, coding with applied science and maths will enhance critical thinking, creativity and decision-making ability of the learner- a true out-of-the-box and real-world adaptive learning approach.  Hybrid and blended learning are also trending. The benefit of online and offline learning leads to personalized, flexible, adaptive learning. It allows students to explore, collaborate, have a theoretical and practical aspect of education and enjoy the learning phase with digital masterclass and presence of a physical tutor.”

Mrudul Shah, Director, CTO at Technostacks Infotech Pvt ltd

5. Google Classroom

“Google Classroom is a free web service used by an estimated 30 million teachers and students. It is designed to help teachers create, distribute, and grade assignments more efficiently, as well as boost collaboration, provide immediate feedback, and foster seamless communication, all in an easy-to-use, paperless format.”

Daniel Foley, Founder of Daniel Foley Marketing Agency

6. Book Creator

“A key part of education has always been assigning books to read; allowing students to develop their own books is a method to take learning to a whole new level. Students may effortlessly combine text, photographs, audio, and video to construct interactive tales, create reports, or build digital journals or portfolios with Book Creator, an app that allows students to imagine, study, create, publish, and share their own books. Teachers can also use the app to make instructional booklets and create libraries to share their work more readily.”

Kate Libby, Founder Best Kids

7. Wonder Workshop

“How do you make learning about computer science, coding, and robotics enjoyable for students? Introduce your pupils to Dot and Dash, a pair of bright, light-blue robots created by Wonder Workshop to aid in the learning of coding. The Wonder Workshop platform is envisioned as ‘a foundation for 21st-century learning,’ with a growing collection of in-app puzzles, standards-based lesson plans, and annual robotics challenges.”

​Michelle Mayers, CEO of Best Cat

8. Newseum ED

“This site, created by the Newseum in Washington, D.C., includes a wealth of historical artifacts and documents, video lessons, interviews, and more, as well as intelligent lesson plans based on the content. NewseumED.org, which focuses on ‘strengthening civil society via First Amendment and media literacy education,’ is ideal for helping educators give kids a more fully textured look at history, civics, and more.”

Stephanie Young, CEO & Founder Best Camping

9. Prodigy

“Prodigy.com, dubbed ‘the world’s most entertaining math platform,’ has developed free, curriculum-aligned Grade 1-8 arithmetic games and activities that have been utilized by over 20 million students, teachers, and parents. The tool also creates real-time data, allowing teachers to see what their students are working on, what skills they are acquiring, and where they may require additional assistance at a glance.”

Lisa Merchant, CEO and Co-Founder of Best Card

10. Quizizz

‘All right, class, it’s time for a pop quiz.’ These words could have made pupils uncomfortable in the past. Quizizz, on the other hand, strives to make formative assessment more enjoyable by allowing educators to simply create engaging quizzes or select from millions of quizzes created by teachers all over the world. Quizizz’s multiplayer quizzes are enhanced with gamification components such as avatars, leaderboards, amusing memes, and other features aimed at increasing student participation.”

Naomi Bishop, Chief Insurance Officer Surfky

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