Importance of DNA Technology in Medical Practice
Importance of DNA Technology in Medical Practice

Importance of DNA Technology in Medical Practice

DNA technology has made it possible to treat so many diseases that were untreatable before the discovery and proper usage of DNA. The Discovery of DNA brought revolutionary changes in the field of medicine and introduced methods of treating diseases that were once out of our imagination.

Here are some of the ways through which DNA revolutionized medical practice.

Better Understanding of Diseases

DNA research has provided so many ways through which we can understand diseases better. The way they initiate, the way they progress, and the way they pass down from generation to generation. DNA also helps us develop medicines for diseases by mapping their weaknesses for us.

Individual Genetic Framework

Through DNA, researchers have been able to identify the genetic framework of diseases and which type of disease is more likely to be passed down. Medical staff can now identify which disease has a tendency to pass on and which diseases can die during the process and which ones are dormant and which ones are active.

Diagnosing Genetic Disorders

With the help of the wide study and collection of data, we can diagnose genetic disorders from other diseases and can treat them accordingly. Medicinal practitioners can study an individual’s DNA strand and identify the genetic disorders so that they can be treated accordingly.

Personalized Medicine

With all the identification and research facilities that we got with the discovery of DNA, the most important researchers came forward with personalized medicine. With personalized medicine becoming a regular practice, medical staff can suggest medicines to the patients according to their genetic framework and print.

Pathogen Identification

The discovery of DNA and its uses has made pathogen identification relatively easy and less time taking. The diseases that took years to just get identified and whose causes were never identified can now be identified and explained very easily. This helps in making vaccines and medicines quickly.

Reverse Mutation

Reverse mutation can help restore the ability of a gene to produce a functional protein and it has only been possible thanks to the discovery of DNA. DNA discovery gave us the ability to study genes in-depth and now we can do reverse mutation for a person that went blind to make him see again.

Forensic Medicine

We all know that DNA has helped a lot in forensic medicine. We can identify people with as little as a piece of hair or a fragment of skin stuck under nails. Before DNA, it took years to identify criminals, and now it takes a few days to solve crimes thanks to the facilities provided with the help of DNA technology.

As you can tell by the aforementioned lists of areas that opened up after the discovery of DNA, it revolutionized the medical field altogether.

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