5 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness with Technology
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5 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness with Technology

Since technology came into the light, it has been successfully deployed in many industries, including manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and communication.

But what about the marketing realm?

Of course, technology has a role to play in marketing. Business owners in New York can leverage technology to promote their businesses and boost brand awareness. While this may appear strange, it’s quite possible. In fact, we’ll offer you tips on how it’s done.

Here are five ways to increase brand awareness with technology.

1. Create solid networks

With the help of social media, business owners can build a solid network and online presence from the comfort of their offices or home. To do this, they’ll have to create valuable content that their target audience finds relatable.

Such content shouldn’t only be commercial to avoid coming across as salsey or too determined. Instead, it should contain a mix of commercial promotions and messages that aims to build a relationship between your business and its target audience.

2. Offer valuable content

One of the best, easiest, and most effective ways to boost brand awareness is by providing relatable content to your target audience.

But the big question is how do you know the content that sits well with your target audience? How do you know the kind of questions they need answers to? How do you even know what they are searching for?

That is where technology comes in!

Technology can help you provide relatable content to your audience. With the aid of keyword and survey tools, you can determine buyers’ intent and the questions they often ask and tailor your content strategy to suit them.

3 . Leverage outsourcing services

Every business today seeks outsourcing as a way of reducing staffing costs and stress. Businesses can leverage the services of an experienced Digital Marketing Agency NYC to boost their brand awareness. This gives you the advantage of having seasoned experts on your team without hiring full-time professionals for a specific purpose.

What do these third parties bring to the table?

The task of building brand awareness can be hectic, especially for small businesses that are understaffed. With a digital marketing agency handling your brand awareness, you’ll be able to handle the core of your business. Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing quite well that a crucial aspect of your business’s marketing is being taken care of by an expert.

4. Make sales with minimal effort.

Making Sales with minimal effort may appear like a typical fairy tale from the pages of a Harry Potter novel. But, it’s quite possible.

With a solid online presence, you can make sales while snuggled up in your comfy duvet while binge-watching your favorite TV series.

To create a solid online presence, you’ll need to leverage tech like social media. You’ll also need to invest in robust design and content created to convert prospects with ease. These prospects should also be able to find your business via search engines. And this is usually possible when you optimize your content with keywords related to your products or service.

5.  Maintain regular communication with contacts

Communication is not only important in promoting your business to your target audience, but it is also crucial in building solid relationships with potential and existing customers.

Thanks to technology, businesses can easily communicate through email, social media, chats or videos, and whatnot. The result? An engaged audience and solid business-customer relationship.

In addition to communicating with target audiences and existing customers, business owners can also reach out and engage with people relevant to their business, thereby solidifying relationships.


The difference between your business and its top competitors is brand awareness. The more a target audience is familiar with your brand, the more they are likely to engage with it and convert. Today, while you adopt tactics to build brand awareness, ensure you leverage technology to complement your efforts. 

Editor-in-Chief Larry has worked a decade in finance, for an international bank where he saw before his eyes how his former company invested on almost everything that has something to do with technology and advancement. This inspired him to create the company along with his then newly-formed team of professionals from different fields, different walks of life.