Active Image: Providing Visual Art Solutions To DFF- Deutscher Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

DFF- Deutscher Filminstitut & Filmmuseum: Providing Visual Art Solutions

The DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum in Frankfurt – is a forward-thinking international cultural institution that connects film’s history, materiality, and significance to the digital future.

Over the last four years, Active Image, a marketplace for one-of-a-kind digital art, has collaborated with the Deutsches Filmmuseum (DFF) to improve the DFF’s physical and online capabilities in five key areas. These factors included incorporating interactive elements and digital material into the museum, expanding visitor reach and income sources online, as well as digital transformation.

Here, Active Image discusses the museum’s issues and how they overcame them with their platform for one-of-a-kind digital art.

Challenge 1: 

Limitations In Terms Of Physical Space And Experience

Alternative formats were required for the physical museum space in order to engage visitors and viewers on a more participatory level and to enable digital and physical synergy for an immersive experience.


 Active Image provides museums with digital canvases for an immersive experience on-site. In the case of the Deutsches Filmmuseum (DFF), our canvases complement the exhibition rooms and cover spare space on the museum’s grounds, such as the Foyer, enormous stairwells, and inaccessible yet visible locations. This enables DFF to keep visitors engaged throughout their physical journey. Even while moving between areas or to the shop, visitors maintain a complete perspective.

Challenge 2:  

As Artistic Material Migrates To Digital Platforms, So Do The Preferences And Ambitions Of Youthful Visitors.

The second challenge is that artistic material, as well as the preferences and expectations of youthful visitors, are progressively transferring to digital media. Museums must provide digital visual material and innovative methods for their communities to interact with their archives and digital catalogs.


The Active Image marketplace enables museums to expand their digital presence by renting unique art and selling antiques to any audience at any time. This implies that Deutsches Filmmuseum (DFF) may now make unique digital photography, video, and film content available online to the exhibition’s fan base as an extension of its physical shop. Visitors may take their exhibition experience home with them and continue to enjoy the material on their personal digital canvases via an Apple Store or Google Play app, as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Challenge 3: 

Restricted Or Harmed Traffic Reach

Particularly during pandemics or periods of changing visiting patterns, museums run the danger of losing visibility and foot traffic, resulting in decreased reach and value for exhibition sponsors.


Active Image’s digital museum venue compensates for revenue and traffic losses caused by macro catastrophes such as the pandemic. Fans and visitors to the Deutsches Filmmuseum (DFF) will be able to access material from any location and stay connected to the museum prior to, during, and after an exhibition. This assures that DFF sponsors, who may otherwise be concerned about closed museums or severely restricted visitor flow, not only continue to support the DFF but also benefit from additional community and experiential advantages.

The museum will be able to access a global audience and fan base as a result of its online exposure and traffic on the DFF digital platform. Fans who may never have the opportunity to personally attend the DFF exhibition may participate in its tale and experience the show’s unique offering virtually.

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