AR Transforms National Gallery Equine Classics Into My Little Pony Portraits

AR Transforms National Gallery Equine Classics Into My Little Pony Portraits

In a new augmented reality (AR) experience, visitors to London’s National Gallery will be able to turn 10 of the museum’s most renowned horse paintings into My Little Pony images.

The My Little Pony Magical Gallery was created this week in conjunction with the forthcoming Netflix release of My Little Pony: A New Generation.

Free augmented reality application

A free augmented reality software – accessible through QR codes located around the exhibition – will utilize picture recognition to transform 10 renowned horse paintings into the New Generation of Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi.

George Stubbs’ Whistlejacket and Theodore Gericault’s Horse Frightened By Lightning are being transformed into Sunny Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, and their companions from the upcoming film in what the museum believes will be a fun and instructive interactive trail for kids.

Rachael Saunders, a children’s artist, has changed and brought the images to life. “It’s a tremendous honour to have my work supplemented in such a spectacular way in The National Gallery,” Saunders remarked.

“Several of my favourite horse paintings are on show at the Gallery, and sharing digital space with Rembrandt, Stubbs, and Raphael is a bizarre but exhilarating pleasure.”

The new virtual artworks will include commentary from the film’s actors, including Jodie Kidd, who will share amusing tidbits and greetings.

“The Gallery is home to so many timeless masterpieces, and this brilliant app does an excellent job of making them even more accessible and engaging for youngsters by presenting them with an exciting treasure hunt,” Kidd added.

“I grew up among ponies and admired My Little Pony from an early age, so delivering commentary for the app was a childhood dream come true.”

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