Effects Of Technology And High-Tech Gadgets In Our Lives

Effects Of Technology And High-Tech Gadgets In Our Lives

Modern Technology, with its high-tech gadgets, has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. From wearable smart health gadgets to AI-Powered home assistants, tracking devices, and numerous other gadgets, they impact all phases of our lives.

Talking to tech experts, we have brought together the more prominent ways modern technology affects our lives.

Tech Gadgets Are All About Convenience

“Let there be no doubt about the fact that the modern technological revolution has brought a high level of convenience, both in personal and professional life. That is one of the great advantages which is indisputable!”

“But since everything has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages;

Technological Progress is Killing Our Natural Traits

“With too much convenience and comfort comes a disastrous change: a drastic halt in evolution. Becoming too reliant on tech gadgets is taking us slowly to our demise.

People have become too lenient, lazy, and carefree, all of which are taking a toll on the human body, psychology, and our planet’s environment as well.”

Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency

Increase In Productivity

“Positive effects of Technology are an increase in productivity within a limited time. The advent of cloud computing, AI, and machine learning has allowed people to take control of their time and allow big information to be computed within the cloud. Gone are the days we could make a cup of coffee while computer boots up, the capabilities of technology allow for people to work from home while still connected to office servers and get more done remotely.”

Rabindra Narine, Director at 4 Pair Communications LLC

Gadget Addiction

“With technology integrating into every aspect of our lives, we need to consider its effects- positive or negative. This can be a difficult task when it comes to matters of high-tech gadgets. These gadgets are so integrated into our society that it is easy for us not to realize their effect on us. One way in which these types of gadgets can negatively affect our day is by becoming an addiction. This type of addiction will lead people to neglect their other responsibilities such as work, family, and stress relief time.” (Harman Singh)


“There are many different types of ways in which these gadgets can positively affect us, one being convenience. When it comes to common things such as grocery shopping and banking, it can save a lot of time if you do it online. Also, time is saved because you can shop and bank from home instead of driving to a store or a teller to do these things.” (Harman Singh)

Get More Done In Less Time

“Another way in which technology and high-tech tools positively affect our lives is through productivity enhancement. This means that these gadgets will help us get more done in less time. For example, people who own smartphones can carry their emails everywhere they go allowing them to stay on top of their work emails even while away from the office. 

“These examples show how technology positively affects our lives, but it also gives us room for new opportunities such as writing blogs (such as this one). You no longer have to find an internet cafe or waste money on printing out a document. All you do is prepare it electronically and then either send it via email or save it online. 

“We must look at the positive and negative effects of technology in our lives so that we can make educated decisions on how we want to live our daily lives.” (Harman Singh)

Technology has Become a Necessity, Rather Than an Option

“In today’s world, there are different types of high-tech gadgets available for us to purchase. Some people may argue that these gadgets make our lives too easy while others say they help us get more done in less time. No matter which side of this argument they fall under, one thing is certain. Technology has become a necessity rather than an option in modern society, from business transactions such as online banking to entertainment such as playing video games and watching television through the internet.” (Harman Singh)

Smartphone has Become a Virtual Assistant

“Today’s most talked-about high-tech gadget is most likely a smartphone, which has been dubbed Your Assistant. These phones can make it possible for you to take your business and personal life completely on the go. Most smartphones can send and receive emails, text messages, access the internet, check stock quotes/prices and listen to music. 

“There are also more advanced features available with these smartphones, such as voice-activated dialing, Bluetooth technology allowing wireless device connections, and two-way texting (also known as SMS). This small list of features makes it easy to see how useful these devices are in our day-to-day lives.” (Harman Singh)

GPS Systems Help Us Find Our Way

“Other types of high-tech gadgets can help us with our daily tasks, such as GPS systems. These devices allow you to not only easily find your way around town but also allow you to enter specific locations quickly and accurately.” (Harman Singh)

Portable Music With iPods and MP3 Players

“Another great example of a useful high-tech gadget would be the iPod (or MP3 player). This device allows users to purchase or download music from any location without buying an entire album for one song they like. At the same time, you could be roaming around with thousands of songs with you to play whenever you want.”

Harman Singh, Director at Cyphere– a Cybersecurity Services Company

“Personally, I think that the positives that technology brings to our lives outweigh the negatives. As someone working in the digital stratosphere, it definitely benefits me and my entire team. But of course, we have to recognize the negatives.” says Jack Miller. “Here’s how I break them down;


  • Information: Easier access to any form of information.
  • Connecting People: People are more connected, especially those divided by continents.
  • Convenience: Life is more convenient, overall.

-It’s more difficult to get away from misdeeds, which would make you want to avoid them more.


  • Mental Health: A decline in physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Disconnecting People: A growing disconnect between people (e.g. children using gadgets at the dinner table).
  • Co-Dependence: The development of codependence with technology.

“The way I see it, technology is a weapon against societal regression (generally speaking). But like any weapon, it’s important to know how to use it properly.”

Jack Miller is the founder of How I Get Rid Of

Ultimately, it is how we use the technology and gadgets that determine their effect- positive or negative- on us and society in general. 

Larry Covert
Editor-in-Chief Larry has worked a decade in finance, for an international bank where he saw before his eyes how his former company invested on almost everything that has something to do with technology and advancement. This inspired him to create the company along with his then newly-formed team of professionals from different fields, different walks of life.