How to Overcome Stress From Technology

How to Overcome Stress From Technology

In this digital era, it is common for a majority of the population to be constantly connected to and using their digital devices like smartphones, computers, iPods, MP3 players, and various other high-tech devices like smart wearables. While we have connected most of our daily functions, personal and professional lives to the various technologies in our lives, it is also having a significant impact on our physical and mental health.

Research shows 8 in 10 US citizens, who use their digital devices, continuously or frequently check for notifications on them. This results in technology-induced stress.

To combat this mental disturbance brought on by our devices, we have brought in the experts for some practical tips on what you can do.

“Technology is changing living parameters. It is not only bringing positive but negative changes to life as well. We have millions of friends online, but not a single one in real life. Technology usage is taking its toll on our health. The rapid development of the world is abruptly upsetting mental health.” says Amelia Alvin, “Stress and depression is the first product of it;

Balance is Key

“To minimize the stress in life given by technology, one has to create a balance between work and family life. They both must not overlap. Eventually, all will fall in place.” (Amelia Alvin)

Take a Social Break

“You are the only one who can control your life. Steer it wisely. Make a ritual of doing a social detox now and then. Deactivate social accounts and take a trip to your favorite destination or spend time with family. Reading a book can also help. Ultimately, the positive activities will drain all the stress out of you.” (Amelia Alvin)

Track Time

“We often lose track of time while using a phone. This issue is eating up our precious moments. Surprisingly, technology has a solution to this as well. Download a time tracking app that can make a log of the time you spent on a social media app.” (Amelia Alvin)


“Meditation can solve more issues than we can ever imagine. A gift from Buddhas it is. Mediation and exercise open up the rusted cells of the body, leaving the mind and soul healthy. Silent meditation is the best one to get rid of social stress. 

“Above and beyond the stress from technology use, we also suffer from physical health disorders. To assure that we live a prosperous life, it is essential to stay healthy and stress-free. Owing to the global village, it is difficult but not impossible.”

Amelia Alvin is a practicing psychiatrist at

Daily Short Digital Detox

“I often suggest that clients take a digital detox break each day, where they leave their phones on chargers in separate rooms and shut off their computers for 20 minutes to a few hours at a time, in order to reduce stress levels. This can be helpful to do, especially after dinner time, to let your brain have mental downtime to process all the information from the day. 

“Downtime is essential for resetting ourselves, our stress levels, and for finding clarity and solutions to problems we are struggling with. Try taking short digital detox breaks, and see if this helps to lower your daily stress!”

Risa Williams, LMFT, Psychotherapy and Coaching

Get Out Into Nature

“The only effective way I know of is going on a digital and technological detox and getting out into nature. It’s worth gardening, taking lots of walks outdoors, swimming in bodies of water, looking at the moon without checking your Instagram feed or work chat. You need a change of scenery. Otherwise, you might go to the store, buy milk and forget it at the register, and then lose your wallet on the way home, all because you’re immersed in your smartphone and trying to answer your boss’s question.”

Tatiana Gavrilina, Content Marketing Writer DDI Development

Digital Detox

“The biggest harm that technology has done is, it has reduced our sleeping hours and disturbed the balance between work and family life. We should disengage from using digital devices to manage stress and anxiety. It will help detox ourselves and relieve anxiety.” (Marilyn Gaskell)


“To restrict the use of digital gadgets in bedrooms. It will give us enough sleep and relaxation. A study by the British Psychology Society has shown that staying away from social media for a week significantly reduces cortisol levels which are a physiological marker of stress.” (Marilyn Gaskell)


“To make some ground rules for the use of phones and other devices to balance personal and work-life. Spending time with family members and friends is the best way to relax and re-energize and live in the present moment.” (Marilyn Gaskell)

Recreational & Physical Activities

“Excessive involvement with phones freaks us out physically. Recreational & physical activities provide a meaningful break from the web engagement. If we take yoga classes, hobbies, or join meditation programs we can significantly reduce our involvement with electronic gadgets that keep us engaged every minute.”

Marilyn Gaskell, Founder TruePeopleSearch

And Again- Go on a Digital Detox

“Whether you did it for an hour, a day, a week, or more. Try to find time to turn off your devices and log out from social media.” (Stephen Curry)

Set Boundaries

“Set yourself clear smartphone social usage boundaries.” (Stephen Curry)

Set Rules

“Set rules like no phones at the dinner table, put them on airplane mode when you’re out meeting up with friends, or no texting between set times can help inspire you to turn off and live in the present.” (Stephen Curry)

Re-Balance Your Work and Home Life

“Try switching off your email notifications and just check your emails at specific times of the day. You can automate your email services.” (Stephen Curry)

Audit and Curate Your Social Media Feed

“Unfollow pages and people that make you not feel good, this can increase your stress level. Actively seek out things that make you feel good, and follow them, whether that is some good news, educational posts, motivational videos, or your favorite comedian.”

Stephen Curry, Chief Executive Officer CocoSign

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