Top Security Technology You Should Look For Before Buying Your Next Home In A Gated Community

Top Security Technology You Should Look For Before Buying Your Next Home In A Gated Community

According to a study performed by the Pew Research Center, property crime is much more common in the US than violent crime. To ensure your residents’ properties are secure, you must invest in the leading security technologies for your gated community.

So, which are the best security technologies for a gated community?

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to the leading security technology you should look for before buying your next home in a gated community.

Access Control For Shared Spaces

In gated communities, there are often shared resources that residents can all access. Such resources include pool areas, on-site gyms, and laundrettes. However, these valuable resources should only be accessible to residents of the gated community and their authorized guests. 

To ensure these facilities are only accessible to residents, gated community property managers should install access control solutions to protect these spaces. A traditional access control system gives the user a keycard or fob to enter the room. However, keycard and fob entry systems are becoming outdated. 

With this kind of entry credential, you will need to fund the replacement costs when your residents lose their keys. Modern solutions eliminate the need for keycards and fobs with mobile access credentials. When new residents move into the gated community, they can easily download access credentials onto their mobile devices without waiting for a new keycard or fob to be made. 

Mobile-first access technology is cloud-based, which facilitates touchless entry for residents. In your gated community, you need to minimize the spread of germs between households. Users should be able to do so when they enter a space without touching pin pads or entry buttons that are hubs for germs. 

Using a wave-to-unlock system, you can provide a hygienic way for residents to enter your facilities. Instead of pressing a button or holding their devices up to the reader, residents can wave their hands to enter. The access reader will detect the motion of their hand, triggering remote communication with a mobile device to permit entry. The reader uses three methods of communication to ensure access on the first attempt.  

Securing your facilities will help to keep unauthorized people out, but it will also allow you to keep records of which residents entered the space. So, if there is an incident involving property damage or a dispute between residents, you can quickly identify the perpetrator.

Optimized Security Camera Systems

A gated community’s vital security installations are business-grade security cameras. You should consult with a surveillance system expert to ensure that all of your security cameras are placed in the optimal position and eliminate any blind spots. An intruder could take advantage of any blind spots in your system, so seeking the advice of a security camera placement specialist is advisable.

You can use your surveillance system to mitigate one of the key vulnerabilities in an access control system – the potential for an unauthorized user to gain entry to the facility using stolen access credentials.

To eliminate this risk, you should invest in a commercial intercom system. The device combines both touchless access control and video surveillance to allow for identity verification. Whenever a user enters the gated community, Your system will document their face with your intercom system. 

If visitors need to enter the community, you can communicate via the intercom system, confirm their identity, and permit them entry. You can view the security camera feed using your mobile device, set up a lobby for security, or operate the community’s security from anywhere you like. Since all of your security information will be accessible remotely in a cloud-based system, you should take the time to invest in cybersecurity software to ensure your private security data remains private.

Cloud-Based Security Integration

To streamline security operations in your gated community, you can integrate all your security tools under one platform. Your security staff will be able to access all security information. This is a more user-friendly experience for your security staff but can also aid in a faster response to potential security risks.

Visitor Management Systems

In addition to integrating your security tools together, you can also enhance the function of your security system with integrations. You can integrate occupancy management software to gain insight into the traffic in your gated community, or you can integrate visitor management software to automate the visitor check-in process and provide your company with more accurate visitor logs – which would be instrumental in resolving an incident on the property. 

Your visitors will receive digital forms to fill out on their mobile devices before entry and gain temporary access credentials to use the community facilities during their visit. Once they leave, the system will automatically sign them out, and they will not be able to reenter the property without performing the registration process.


Modern security technology makes it easier for gated community property managers and security staff to provide stringent security. Instead of inconveniencing the residents of the community, cloud-based security makes the entry process simpler while eliminating the risk of unauthorized entry. Consider building and integrating a cloud-based security system to provide your gated community residents with air-tight and future-proof security.

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