What Are the Three Levels of Information Access?

What Are the Three Levels of Information Access?

Information Access System (IAS) is a vital tool for protecting your organization’s sensitive information. The IAS provides secure ways of managing who has access to which data types, such as financial records and customer details. The system also enables or restricts the accessibility depending on what you need them for in the company, like whether certain people can see specific information.

There are many different types of information systems that serve various functions. Three main categories of information systems serve different organizational levels, including operational-level systems, management-level systems, and strategic-level systems. 

These three levels help organizations meet their goals by providing them with the right data type at each level. Let’s go over what these three types look like in more detail so you can understand how they work together to help your organization succeed.

Operational Level Systems

Operational level systems support managers by tracking elementary activities and transactions, for example, sales receipts and cash deposits. The purpose of the system at this level is to answer routine questions with data that managers can use for decision-making in an organization’s day-to-day operations.

Management Level Systems

Management-level systems are the tools that help middle managers monitor, control and make decisions according to performance metrics. The question management systems address is this: Is everything going according to plan? 

Systems at this level typically provide periodic reports rather than instant information on operations not to interrupt work patterns or damage sudden changes in the process.

Strategic Level Systems

Senior managers need to make strategic decisions about how the firm will operate based on historical trends in future markets. Senior executives engage with business strategy at this level, focusing on long-term trends and changes within their organization and external factors that may affect it.

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