What Are The Best VR Games On PC

What Are The Best VR Games On PC?

Which VR games are the best for PC? VR experiences are now readily available, with headsets being introduced faster than ever before, and there will be many more in the future.

There are many great VR games available for all the best and known VR headsets, ranging from good to terrible to disgusting – and we will continue to explore new, unique, challenging content.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top VR games on PC, as well as a list of systems that are compatible with them. Here’s what you need to know.

Half-Life: Alyx

Our 15-year wait was finally over in 2020 when the newest Half-Life was released. As a prequel to Half-Life 2, Alyx takes place in dystopian City 17, filled with all the hallmarks of the Half-Life series, such as head crab zombies, puzzles involving physics, and a compelling, mystery-filled narrative.

With its 15 hours of gameplay, the game offers a range of experiences, ranging from large-scale battles against Combine soldiers to quiet, mysterious exploration all the way to unsettling horrors in the dense tunnels beneath the city. Think poison headcrabs in Half-Life 2 are bad, then imagine doing it in VR, in a dark space, with only a tiny flashlight to guide you.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

It is remarkable as well as harrowing to see Saints and Sinners simulate knife/skull interaction in such a subtle manner. It not only makes each zombie encounter a little different (and a little apprehensive) but also effectively conveys your own experience in The Walking Dead.

In the aftermath of that first killing, you’ll be pumped with nerve-wracking adrenaline, certain you’re up against impossible odds. With practice, however, you’ll be able to dispatch the walkers efficiently, using your off-hand to keep them in check, learning how to swing more smoothly, and having access to more powerful, more dangerous melee weapons.

This mechanic probably suffices to carry Saints and Sinners alone. This is just a small part of the most mechanically advanced VR game we’ve ever experienced. 


In the same way that Crysis pushed the limits of PC hardware, Boneworks pushes the boundaries of virtual reality – though there is still some catching up to be done. SLZ’s puzzle shooter is staggeringly ambitious thanks to its full-body rendering, elaborate physics system, and dynamic physical interactions. However, this leads to some glitches due to current VR hardware limitations. 

However, it’s still a fun playground with a good sense of humor as you engage in shooting, fighting, and tossing things while trying to escape an oppressive research lab overrun by robots.

Robo Recall

The goal of this VR shooter from Epic Games is to find and destroy rogue robots. Take out the bad guys with a shotgun or two pistols, but also remember that you can use just about anything as a weapon or shield. 

A player can pull bullets and projectiles from the air to fire back at their enemies, even ripping the limbs and heads off robots to use as weapons. There’s no denying that it’s an action game that’s completely over the top and tons of fun.

In Death

2018 was a good year for VR archery lovers: Sacralith and QuiVr are both worth playing, but In Death comes out on top. There are battles taking place in a procedural fantasy castle in this rogue-lite, utilizing the bow-and-arrow in the most imaginative way we have ever seen. You use it primarily as a weapon, and you discover cool arrow types as you explore, and you can also use it to move around: an arrow can transport you anywhere. 

You’ll always feel comfortable nocking an arrow and letting it fly, and after completing each run, you’ll make progress on at least a few different achievements, giving you plenty of reasons to keep going. Although it’s tough, it’s well worth the effort for newcomers.

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