5 Best VR Workout Games Of 2022

5 Best VR Workout Games Of 2022

There is no denying it: working out at home can sometimes seem boring. There may be a feeling of claustrophobia and monotony during the workout. Workout routines are hard to stick to. Thus, several game developers have developed VR workout games that allow you to exercise while having fun from the comfort of your home. 

Below you will find a list of the best VR workout games so you don’t have an excuse not to exercise.


In FitXr, you get to do a virtual reality workout in a fun and exciting way. You will sweat even after fifteen minutes of playing this game. Exercises can be done at various locations, with amazing music, and even if you don’t enjoy working out. 

There are many professional courses on this game available online, some are free, and some cost money. Besides exercising, you can also play boxing games and dance along with professionals to enjoy your time. 

You can choose exact lengths and intensities, find instructors that suit your needs, set a goal, and participate in multiplayer activities. You can motivate your friends by competing against them.


It’s easy to lose yourself in this game’s virtual worlds, which make the workout feel like a vacation. There is something unique and pleasing about the location in the game. Exercises can be enhanced with the use of external equipment, such as rowing machines and stationary bikes. 

There is only one downside to this game: you need a powerful computer to play it. You may also have to deal with a hassle when connecting your system to your PC. Alternatively, you can use a wireless connection. That may also work for you.


You will forget that you are working out in your home with Supernatural’s stunning locations and entertaining games. You can turn any place into a workout room if you have a VR set and a little space.

Having a motivating and enthusiastic soundtrack playing in your ears it is easier to exercise your entire body. With the game, you will be able to optimize your entire workout. In order to hit some targets, you sometimes have to lunge, squat, move your position, and do some lunging. 

All you have to do is buy the subscription, put on the VR headset, and enjoy playing some interesting and fun games that keep you active. As the game has a comparatively light workout, you should consider your needs before purchasing a subscription.

Superhot VR

This isn’t your typical VR workout game. The game is an action-packed shooter that will leave you sweating after just a half-hour of play. There is a lot of goofiness and excitement in the graphics of the game. A whole-body movement is required for the game.

The objective of the game is to kill your enemies by using the weapons at your disposal. There is a lot of upper body movement to be found in this game as you need to kill various red enemies, avoid bullets, and progress through the game. A unique feature of this game is that the time in the game moves as the character moves.

Considering the game isn’t that intense, this would be suitable for light to moderate workouts only. 


If you want to ride your bike anywhere in the world without having to leave your house, you can do that from your home. If you purchase the premium version of the game, you can ride in every city on Earth. In addition, you can create your own virtual scenarios and cycle through them.

It’s a great game for lower body and cardio exercise. If you are bored with your regular treadmill exercise, you can find a way to make it more interesting and fun.

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