The Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

The Best Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

If you don’t like being stuck with vacuuming the floors, robot vacuums can save your day and do the job for you. The good news is- your hardwood floors can be perfectly vacuumed with robot vacuums. So, the question is- which one is the best? 

We got the experts to answer this with their top picks. Here are the best robot vacuums to consider for your hardwood floors (not in order);

eufy BoostIQ Vacuum Cleaner

Home activities keep getting easier with the application of IoT to most appliances around the house. Robotic Vacuum cleaners find dirt and droppings around the house and get rid of them automatically. There are various kinds of robotic vacuum cleaners, some specialized as mop hybrids, some are best for picking pet litter, some are very noiseless, and others get to the hard-to-reach places easily. 

As a tech-savvy person, I would recommend the eufy BoostIQ Vacuum cleaner. It has a strong suction power of up to 2000Pa, is great for hardwood floors, and can vacuum for up to 100 minutes nonstop. 

Alina Clark, Co-Founder & Marketing Director of CocoDoc

Roomba 600 Series Robot Vacuum

Roomba 600 series robot vacuums, like any great robot vacuum, are intrepid navigators who find garbage you’d never capture on your own while avoiding getting caught on normal household detritus. They clean rugs better than most other inexpensive bots, plus they’re durable, repairable equipment that you’ll keep for years, not just a gimmick. The semi-random navigation technique is common among low-cost robots, and it performs effectively in spaces smaller than 1,000 square feet. However, the clumsy randomness irritates some individuals, and it isn’t always effective in larger venues.

Daniel Foley, SEO Manager at MCS Rental Software

Eufy RoboVac 11S

The Eufy RoboVac 11S is the only robot vacuum that blends into the background, as well as the Eufy RoboVac 11S. (or other models built on the same body). This simple, inexpensive bot sounds more like a desk fan than a vacuum cleaner, so you won’t even notice it running if you’re at home. It’s slimmer than typical bots, allowing it to slip under more furniture and collect more debris. 

The 11S (and others like it) don’t appear to be built to survive more than a couple of years on average, and I’ve heard of numerous unrepairable malfunctions that happen even sooner. While the 11S will get your floors cleaner than if you didn’t vacuum at all, it isn’t designed to dig up much detritus from rugs, particularly softer, thicker varieties.

Gerrid Smith, Founder of Corporate Investigation Consulting

Roborock S4 Max

The Roborock S4 Max is a great navigator that can clean most homes, large or small, thoroughly while providing you complete control over where, when, and how it operates. In just one cleaning session, it learns your home’s layout, allowing you to direct it to clean specific rooms (while ignoring others) while also avoiding any no-go zones you’ve established (perhaps near bowls of pet food or delicate furniture). It’s all done through a smartphone app with an interactive map, so you don’t have to touch the bot, set up physical barriers, or hope the random cleaning algorithm performs what you want.

The S4 Max’s laser-based navigation system is also excellent at avoiding obstructions, allowing it to cover a large amount of floor space fast and comprehensively while maintaining a predictable path (without random bonking or skipping big patches). 

The main disadvantage is that Roborock bots aren’t as durable as Roombas, and they may have more difficulty with particular rugs than rival models. This isn’t the robot for you if all of these controls sound too hard to you or if you don’t plan to link your robot vacuum to Wi-Fi.

Lauren Cook-McKay, Director of Marketing & Content of Divorce Answers

Robot Roomba i3

Although the iRobot Roomba i3 isn’t as fast, intelligent, or controllable as the Roborock, it still works well in larger homes and is easier, more lasting, and better at cleaning most rugs. The i3 has the same solid, long-lasting foundation as the lesser Roomba models, but it has more suction and tangle-resistant brushes for a more powerful clean. 

It also uses extra sensors and processing to clean huge (or small) spaces in a (mostly) predictable and ordered fashion. Another cool feature of the Roomba i3+ package is that it can automatically empty any debris it collects into its charging port, which you’ll only have to empty once or twice a month or two—it truly works, and it’s convenient.

Ariana Flynn, Marketing and Communications Manager at ProxyRack.

Wyze Robot Vacuum

Consider the Wyze Robot Vacuum if you want a budget-friendly robot vacuum with a more extensive set of automation features. As a result, it can get trapped on high-pile carpets, but you can use its companion app to set up virtual boundary markers and schedule cleaning sessions for certain rooms in your house. It also cleans all types of dirt, including pet hair and small and bulky materials like rice or cereal, with ease on bare floors.

It provides around 70 to 130 minutes of runtime depending on your suction strength level and usage patterns, which is less than the Roborock but still outstanding overall. Unfortunately, this vacuum has a small dustbin that needs to be emptied frequently. Many parts need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and the prices are substantial, I believe.

Nick Edwards, Director at Snow Finders

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