Business Guidance: When Should You Hire A Commercial Electrician

Business Guidance: When Should You Hire A Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician is an essential expense for all businesses, regardless of size. We all rely on electronic equipment in one way or another, this could be the desktop that you use to manage invoices or just the lighting that runs throughout the warehouse, electronics are all around us, and it’s extremely important that they are maintained properly. 

Whilst there may not be any obvious faults with your current systems, it’s crucial that everything is looked after to ensure that no issues develop that may prevent your business activities. In this blog post, we will be breaking down some of the most popular reasons why trustworthy commercial electricians should be at top of your contacts at all times. 

Supporting You When Moving Into A New Work Premises 

This first and most popular need for a commercial electrician is when you are first moving into a new office or work premises. Whether you are moving into a brand new office or you are making some changes to an existing premise to better suit your companies needs, an electrician will help take care of all of the wirings needs allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. 

It’s never a simple case of just adding an extension lead to a socket, procedures need to be followed to help maximize safety ensuring your company is fully compliant with all regulations. When setting up your electrical equipment make sure that you leave this in the hands of a commercial electrician Cardiff, allowing you to gain total peace of mind that all equipment is set up safely and efficiently. 

Expanding Your Existing Work Premis With New Systems

Innovation is key for the success of a business, whether you are investing in a new server to store all your companies information or you have purchased new machinery which helps to expand production. When integrating these new systems into your workplace an electrician will be essential to ensure that it is wired into your existing energy outlets correctly. New equipment can put an unnecessary strain on your electronics if not done correctly, take the time and invest in the correct insulation of your new equipment. 

Resolving Electrical Faults Within Your Workplace 

As time goes on electrical faults can develop which leads to both your staff and equipment is at risk. One of the most common issues that you have to deal with is when outlets are overloaded, overheated, and shorted. When this sort of electrical fault occurs it’s best to get a commercial electrician in to check out the problem and provide a long-term solution. Ignoring this sort of fault can cause much more serious problems to occur down the line. 

A second electrical fault that can occur within the workplace is the incorrect use of replacement fuses. Whilst you may think it’s a simple job like the one that you complete in your home every other month, it is best to leave it to a trained professional. The use of incorrect fuses may cause the outlet to stop work completely which can be a huge nuisance to your office setup. 

Conduction An Assessment of Your Companies Electricals 

Did you know that you should have all class 1 equipment including IT equipment should be tested every 48 months? In addition to this equipment such as extension leads and portable equipment should be tested every 24 months. To help ensure that you are always compliant with the latest regulations we highly recommend that you speak to local commercial electricians and agree on a schedule where your equipment is regularly tested. 

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