When Was Augmented Reality Invented?

When Was Augmented Reality Invented?

Augmented reality was first achieved by an innovator named Morton Heilig in 1957. His Sensorama delivered visuals, sounds and smell to viewers who got a ride on its VR technology without having any physical contact with the machine itself. This is one of many examples that show how far our understanding has come since then- everything from text messages sent through air conditioning vents or emails read aloud using only your eyes can now be considered partaking as augmented realities.

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the real world that superimposes interactive digital elements into physical objects. Despite its seeming abstractness, augmented through this type of technology still requires you to interact with your environment in some way; so it can feel more tangible than virtual realities which require no such input from user’s perspective because users are fully immersed within computer generated worlds without ever leaving their house or office (at least not physically).

AR is not a new concept, it was imagined in the early 20th century. A famous author from 101 years ago describes some features of Google Glass which will emerge over 100 years later and allows wearers to see letters appearing on their forehead when they meet someone with their corresponding personalities. The global augmented reality market is projected to grow from $6.12 billion in 2021, reaching nearly 100 billion by 2028 with a CAGR of 42%.

A great example of augmented reality is the way that it changes your surroundings. There are many apps on Google Play and Apple Store like this, which overlay graphics onto real life objects in order for you to see them more clearly or interact with what’s being displayed as if they were actually there! Imagine looking at a painting while also being able to touch individual brushstrokes instead: how amazing would that be?!

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