Where To Buy Invisible Friends NFT?

What Are Invisible Friends NFT And Where To Buy Them?

Everyone began purchasing SlimHoods and Mood Rollers, two previous NFT products of Random Character Collection, after learning about the debut of the new RCC NFT project. In doing so, investors hoped to be included on the whitelist for the new NFT whenever it became ready for minting.

Therefore, this new enterprise, Invisible Friends, gained around 357k Twitter followers.

But what precisely is this new NFT project? We will explain everything about this coin, including how to invest and where to get Invisible Friends NFT.

What Are the NFT Invisible Friends?

The collection of 5,000 animated creatures known as Invisible Friends NFT was developed by Swedish artist Markus Magnusson. This NFT is part of a project by Random Character Collective. Magnusson, the project’s originator, stated that those with a childlike spirit and an innate appreciation for art were the target audience.

The low supply, which was one of the lowest ever in the NFT market, prompted the high demand and price for this NFT following its introduction. Due to this, Invisible Friends sold out within 24 hours of its release. Throughout the launch, their price increased to 12 ETH, or $29k.

Before the mint, Invisible Friends introduced a limited-edition golden NFT dubbed Golden Friend. This token was purchased for 499.69 ETH, or $1,32,000,000. The founders of Invisible Friends donated all auction proceeds to the RCC Charity Fund. The winner of the auction received this NFT along with five more, unrevealed Invisible Friends NFTs.

The project’s creators stated that they intend to ensure that all token holders receive incentives. They also stated that they want to grow the Invisible Friends ecosystem.

Invisible Friends Value Forecast

As previously stated, the price of Invisible Friends after its debut reached 12 ETH ($29K). Immediately following this, the price of NFT steadied at about 9 ETH ($22,000), with a trading volume of approximately 10,000 ETH ($24million).

However, because this is a new project, the minting process will begin, and investors who didn’t purchase tokens can obtain a minting spot by joining the whitelist of the public mint.

If you make the whitelist, the cost of mining will be 0.15 ETH in addition to gas fees. To pay fees, you will need an extension-based cryptocurrency wallet (like MetaMask, for example).

Should You Invest in Invisible Friends?

If you’re still undecided about purchasing Invisible Friends NFT, the following information may help you decide.

  • A project has a poor reputation among the NFT community, hence its reputation is not the best. Some have asserted that the creators founded Invisible Friends only for financial gain.
  • Currently, the demand for NFTs is not very high.
  • Despite this, the Invisible buddies NFT have a substantial fan following and an incredible community.
  • The existing costs for other Random Character Collective endeavors are advantageous.
  • Considering all of this, trading with Invisible Friends is currently unknown and very speculative.

Where To Purchase Invisible Friends

If you are unclear about where to get Invisible Friends NFT, have no fear, as this currency can be traded on several exchanges and platforms.

Here are the most well-known:

  • OpenSea
  • Crypto.com
  • Binance

OpenSea Is The Best Place To Buy Invisible Friends NFT

According to several crypto trading specialists, OpenSea is the greatest location to purchase NFTs. This site is the largest NFT marketplace in terms of trade volume, and customers have access to several collections, including art, domain names, and in-game stuff.

OpenSea is a pioneer in NFT trading; it was the first platform to offer NFT trading on the market, which is one of the reasons why people consider this platform to be the greatest. Currently, the platform has more than one million users. Even though OpenSea is built on the Ethereum blockchain, customers are able to pay with over 150 other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, an advantage of OpenSea is that they only charge fees to those who sell their tokens. If you choose to sell Invisible Friends, you will incur a 2.5% transaction fee. On the other side, purchasers of NFTs incur no expenses.

Crypto.com Is A Good Place To Buy Invisible Friends NFT

Since the start of the NFT marketplace on crypto.com in 2021, customers may trade with more than 250 currencies and NFTs. Additionally, Crypto.com is one of the greatest places to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Users may purchase NFTs from a variety of categories, including art, sport, gaming, and celebrities. The good news is that you can keep your coins and tokens in your crypto.com wallet without the need for third-party programs.

In addition to a variety of payment alternatives (credit or debit card, for example), all NFTs are offered at an auction or at a set price. The greatest benefit of this platform is its low transaction charge, which is about $0.4 Even better, if you exchange with a greater quantity of coins, you can receive cheaper commissions. Crypto.com allows you to purchase NFTs using a mobile application.

Binance Is A Suitable Alternative To OpenSea And Crypto.com.

Binance is a marketplace for purchasing different NFT collections, including sport, gaming, art, music, and collectibles. If you like a little variety, you may also order a Mistery Box including a variety of NFTs.

You may purchase NFTs with a 1 percent commission.

How to Buy Invisible Friends NFT?

If you wish to purchase Invisible Friends, you need your own ETH, as the majority of NFTs are based on Ethereum. We advocate purchasing ETH on eToro since it is the safest and least expensive site to do so.

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