Current technology trends

Current technology trends

Business and technology trends are rapidly changing the world. Among today’s business trends in 2023 are innovative ideas that seemed unrealistic just yesterday. Virtual reality, neural networks, cybersecurity, digital transformation and artificial intelligence are areas where attractive and disruptive ideas for startups live. If you are into the topic of trends, then you will surely like the new entertainment that you can find on 20Bet – betting live.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is virtual reality, a three-dimensional computer environment with which a person can interact through special gloves, a helmet, and other gadgets. Such devices make the user a part of the virtual world – he can be an observer, researcher, manipulator or an active participant in the process.

Today, several trends using VR for commercial purposes are gaining relevance in the world at once:

  • Using VR gloves and suits to convey tactile sensations: Volkswagen van assembly training, medical conferences, safety training, patient rehabilitation, athlete training.
  • VR-technologies – a new film genre. It is quite expected that he will repeat the fate of 3D – the technology with which modern cult blockbusters are filmed.
  •  Remote work in a VR-helmet – maximum proximity to live meetings in terms of presence and degree of involvement. Among the companies that have successfully tested this format are HP, HTC, Schlumberger and MTS.
  • Virtual clothing – the designer imposes a 3D model of the selected item on the image of the client. The latter receives a realistic photo with a “new thing” and does not spend money on purchasing clothes for one look.
  • AR lenses that not only improve vision, but also create a “cyber-eye”: a weather forecast is superimposed, information about objects that fall into the field of view, messages are broadcast from instant messengers. According to experts, the novelty will appear on the market in 2-3 years.

The virtual reality market is one of the most promising for today. By 2024, its volume is expected to increase to $24.5 billion.

Neural networks

A neural network is a large-scale structure containing a huge amount of information for the operation of a computer program. The latter, in the course of a large number of actions, determines which sets and parameter values lead to the most optimal result. Due to the large amount of initial information, the ability to learn, the structure was called a neural network, as it resembles the human brain with its characteristics.

How neural networks are used in business:

  • Preparation of price forecasts for investment, oil and gas, electric power companies.
  • Planning the launch of a coffee shop, restaurant or convenience store: the neural network is able to analyze a lot of data – auto traffic, average income of the residents of the quarter, age and gender characteristics, traffic congestion. In pilot mode, the technology was used by McDonalds, the American mobile restaurant Zume Pizza.
  • Modulation of sports tournaments and player actions – the technology is useful for drawing up a training plan and analyzing past matches.
  • “Computer vision” in retail: just one photo of a counter is enough for the system to tell you what goods are missing, what promotions are not indicated, where the price tags are mixed up.
  • Facial recognition system: in business centers and offices – replacement of security and electronic passes, in banks and government agencies – an alternative to passports and other documents, in shops and cafes – face scanning instead of entering a PIN code when paying, presentation of goods and services specifically for requests of this client.

Green Energy

Green energy means obtaining renewable energy from inexhaustible reserves. These are the energy of wind, sun, tides, geothermal heat, water flows and biofuels. For example, in 2020 already ⅓ of the energy received in the world is “green”. The volume of global “green energy” will grow.

As part of this trend, there are several working business ideas:

  • Installation of solar panels in remote settlements, workers’ settlements, tourist centers.
  • Installation of wind turbines for farms.
  • Launching a rental service for solar powered devices.
  • Collection, processing and sale of biofuels (obtained from the processing of cellulose and organic waste).
  • Cultivation of a “second generation” biofuel, jatropha, a herbaceous plant for biodiesel production.

Digital transformation

This trend combines various areas of business digitalization carried out with the help of modern tools – blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media, smart electronics, etc. The use of these technologies is aimed at increasing productivity and optimizing efficiency.

Digital transformations allow not only to increase profits, offer the consumer products that are in demand “here and now”, but also make the business attractive for investment.

Among the current ideas and startups as part of the digital transformation trend:

  • Drone Operators: Drones are used for mapping, inspection of power lines, household services, delivery of orders from online stores. Among the most advanced ideas are the use of drones to disinfect large areas and use them as “video referees” at matches.
  • Implementation of smart real estate search systems for buying and selling, renting, automated legal assessment of the apartment, the purity of the transaction.
  • nstruction of prefabricated houses: modules from various suppliers are delivered to the construction site, which are enough to assemble like a children’s designer.
  • The system of “smart” control of cars of one vehicle fleet, which allows to monitor the status, speed, location, amount of fuel consumed by each of the vehicles at any time.
  • Deliveries of social robots, whose functions are communication, care and care for the elderly and the disabled.
  • Co

Eco friendly

“Eco-friendly” – promoting the consumption of environmentally friendly products, sorting waste, reusing or recycling used items, conserving natural resources and using only environmentally friendly vehicles. Today, not only individual activists, but also entire companies and corporations are ecofriendly.

Among the most interesting and unusual eco-startups:

  • Architectural firm CPH Shelter: housing construction from former shipping containers.
  • Canteen Rub & Stab: Cooking dishes from products that canteens, supermarkets and restaurants have marked “critical shelf life”.
  • SustainEarth Energy Solutions: domestic gas production through Gau Gas units, which use cow dung as a raw material.
  • “Svalka”: a Moscow project that helps unwanted things and toys find new owners.
  • Ecoisme: a device from Ukrainian startups that monitors electricity consumption in an apartment.
  • Freight Farms: mini-farms inside former shipping containers.
  • One Earth Designs: solar-powered heating appliances.

Artificial intelligence

Programs and devices that can perform countless tasks at the same time are called “artificial intelligence”. Its main feature is the complete exclusion of the human factor. Important advantages of AI are the space speed of data processing, the ability to train the system, saving on human resources.

The main trends in the field of AI:

  • Recognition of images, speech and images.
  • Cloud Computing for Smart City.
  • Machine translate.
  • Designing “smart houses”.
  • Software for smartphones with the possibility of self-learning.
  • Manufacture of unmanned vehicles and aircraft.
  • Creation of robots in the image of humanoids.

AI is changing many business processes today:

  • Administrative area: virtual assistants coordinating requests, organizing meetings, booking trips.
  • Labor productivity: the introduction of exoskeletons in industries where hard physical labor is required.
  • Communication with clients: chat-bots, conversational AI.
  • Finance: AI accounting systems that can replace a human accountant.
  • Overcoming the language barrier: instant translation systems.
  • Digital security: implementation of pattern recognition programs.
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