Devices for pets

Devices for pets

The pet supply industry does not stand still: the number of smart trays, toys and AI assistants for pets is growing literally every day. In this article we will tell you what’s new in recent times. All these devices seriously make life easier not only for animals, but also for their owners. And for the owners themselves, there are also interesting entertainments that you can find at

Voice assistant “Alexa” will now help dogs

Skymee Dog Camera is the name of a dog device that is associated with the voice assistant known as “Alexa” from Amazon. HD camera and “Alexa” will keep an eye on your pet while you are away. This question concerns all working people who leave their dogs alone at home. Now “Alexa” will look after them and, if necessary, snitch on the dog – you will receive a report on time.

Running wheel – smart fitness even catches up with cats

Are you willing to pay one thousand eight hundred US dollars for the good shape of your cat? Then buy a smart “squirrel wheel” called – Little Cat Treadmill.

The smart wheel will be able to accurately calculate – firstly, how many minutes a day the cat devoted to the “gym”, and secondly, how many calories it burned. If you are not ready to fork so much money to fight the extra weight of a cat, then organize a space for him to run and jump and do not scold him – neither for sitting on cabinets under the ceiling, nor for evening races on the floor in the style of “youbydyms-tybydyms-tybydyms”. At the very least, chase the cat with a laser pointer, a fresh ball toy with a bell, or a feather on a stick.

Cats, both indoor and outdoor, are prone to a sedentary lifestyle. They spend most of their lives sleeping. Especially if the cats have eaten well and are sitting in warmth and safety, but they don’t think about sex due to the lack of you know what. Therefore, indoor cats are more likely to be lazy, which can lead to obesity over time.

Robot dog toy

French firm CamToy has launched a new dog companion on the market. You can fiddle with the toy, dragging it around the house, and it also serves as a dispenser that measures food in portions.

Robot Laika, among other things, has a built-in system “I sit high – I look far away”, that is, a built-in tracking camera so that the pet left alone behaves well, and you can watch him from work – if you have nothing else to do at work .

Self-cleaning iPhone tray

iKuddle is the name of the new cat litter box for Apple phone fans. The tray is controlled through a mobile application. As soon as the cat went to the tray, the sensors register an event and send you a message like “I’m done!”.

Your task is to press the button, after which the contaminated part of the filler will be automatically dumped in the tray into a special sealed pallet bag like a vacuum cleaner. Does it make life easier? In our opinion, it is very difficult. Moreover, the filler is also needed for this trick special – clumping.

Home toilet for dogs

InuBox – this is the name of the toilet for dogs of small breeds, so that they can relieve themselves without leaving the apartment. The full name of the dog toilet is The ‘InuBox’ dog toilet. The principle is almost the same as the automated cleaning cat litter box, but the design is a bit different since we are talking about dogs and not cats.

The pet product is intended for consumers who live in houses and neighborhoods built on the principle of condominiums – that is, they have unfriendly territory around them – where you can’t especially walk around with a dog.

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